Here's Why Miss America Just Made Record-Breaking History

Scarlett Adler

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Slaven Vlasic / Stringer via Getty Images

"I realized now that I'm probably going to be a Jeopardy question," Camille Schrier, joked to PEOPLE. The Miss America 2020 winner has been doing things differently from the minute she hit the pageant stage; But now, she'll be making history while doing it.

You see, when winter comes rolling around in a few months, the beauty queen will be landing herself another very esteemed title - all from laying low in her quarantined home.

Astrid Stawiarz via Getty Images

Due to the daunting pandemic that's swept the nation, this year's December 'Miss America' pageant will be canceled. The result? Our 2020 winner will be, well, our 2021 winner. That's right, folks.

The Virginia candidate will consequently be making history as the 1st winner to reign for 2 consecutive years. "It's definitely incredible. As someone who is a nontraditional competitor in the Miss America organization ... it's kind of on-brand for me to do it this way," Shrier revealed about her 'win.'

Astrid Stawiarz via Getty Images

Of course, it goes without saying that her actual days spent as Miss America royalty are just as unconventional as her newfound victory.

"This isn't a situation that Miss America has ever been faced with," she explained, all while quarantined from the safety of her home. "This is a hundred-year-old organization, and I'm really the first person who's been faced with this. How can I adapt? How can I figure out how to bring the work that I was doing on the ground, online?"