Here's Why Kumail Nanjiani Was at WrestleMania

Taran Underwood

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It was wrestling's biggest weekend, and lots of comedians were along for the ride. While Colin Jost and Michael Che paid the highest profile visit, eagle-eyed Silicon Valley fans were also in for a treat. Kumail Nanjiani and his wife Emily Gordon, who also host the podcast Indoor Kids together, were spotted in the front row for Dave Bautista's big match against Triple H.

Fans even thought they caught a moment of tenderness between the two just before the fight started. (Though this was more likely a stare-down between Bautista and the cowboy-hat wearing Shawn Michaels for personal, wrestling-related reasons.)

How did Nanjiani and Bautista suddenly become such close buds? Well it turns out, they're starring in a movie together. A movie which might count as Nanjiani's first action-movie credit, even.

Stuber not only created a beautiful friendship, it also marks the second time in his career Nanjiani will have played an Uber driver. His role in the mostly-auto-biographical film The Big Sick also saw him working for the ride hail app, though he's never done so IRL. So maybe he has a friend who works there or something? Clearly, he's a supportive guy to have in your corner.