Harry Styles' Fans Go Wild After On-Stage Wardrobe Mishap!


| LAST UPDATE 01/29/2023

By Tabitha Woodcock
Harry Styles Wardrobe Pants Rip
Joseph Okpako/WireImage via Getty Images

Harry Styles always knows how to put on a show for his fans. Whether it's a beautiful ballad or rocking out on stage, his concerts are full of surprises. However, his most recent performance had audience members gasping for air when a wardrobe malfunction went highly noticeable! Thankfully, his fans are here to stay no matter what goes wrong. Here's a look.

Anything can happen to a star when they're performing on stage. In hindsight, it's kind of impossible to secure over 100 shows without at least some sort of mishap. We've seen tons of on-stage mistakes. From technical difficulties to lighthearted trips and falls, and of course, a personal favorite, wardrobe malfunctions. Still, these stars prepare for the worst and try to pull themselves together whenever, and if ever, something doesn't go as planned. For Harry Styles, who recently performed in Los Angeles, he gave his audience a performance that they will never forget, especially if they were sitting front and center. During his show at the Kia Forum in Inglewood, CA, during his 'Love On Tour,' the 28-year-old singer became too trusting over his leather pants - to say the least...

Harry Styles Love On Tour Show
Kevin Mazur for Harry Styles via Getty Images
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There he was. Singing his heart out to Music For A Sushi Restaurant. As he gazed up into the roof of the arena, he dropped to his knees and ripped a hole in the middle of his pants. As one can imagine, he gave audiences quite an eyeful. Styles knew straight away. We don't know if he heard or felt the rip occur, but what we do know is that he held his hand over the hole and looked down in total shock. Who was his tailor?! Were they warned that Harry is used to over-the-top performances where potential pants rip is a risk waiting to happen? His clothes should be accustomed to these types of occasions. Still, what could he do? He continued the song like the pro he is and, of course, could only laugh off the situation, because let's be real, his fans didn't mind at all. Following the event, an online debate occurred over whether Harry was protected underneath the incident. He told fans, "My trousers ripped. I feel I must apologize to a certain few of you right down in the front there. I mean this is a family show... Or is it?!" LOL. He continued to perform in this outfit with a towel wrapped over the airspace out of respect for the audience.

Come on, Harry, if anything, you only made the tour highly memorable. Even a few famous faces witnessed his Magic Mike moment, such as Kylie Jenner, Trevor Noah, Julie Bowen, Jennifer Aniston, and Ellen DeGenerous. Now that must have been an incredible talk show opportunity. Stay tuned...

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