Harrison Ford Roasts Conan: 'Han Solo or Chewbacca?


| LAST UPDATE 07/11/2023

By Riley Hammond
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In the world of podcast shenanigans, a recent episode of Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend was a riot. Why? Because none other than legendary actor Harrison Ford showed up to shoot the breeze with Conan. The result? A laugh-a-minute rollercoaster ride that had fans virtually rolling on the floor.

Ford, who's been Han Solo in Star Wars and Indiana Jones in, well, Indiana Jones, decided it was time to flip the script. Seeing Conan's notes, he couldn't resist a sly dig. "Really, you had to write down 'Han Solo'?" he said, throwing shade like only Ford can. This wasn't just a teasing jab. This was Ford, in his trademark dry humor, giving Conan a friendly roast about his pre-show prep or lack thereof. The guffaws echoed from every corner of the internet, as listeners reveled in Ford's comedic chops. But Conan, the king of self-irony, didn't miss a beat. He shot back with a hilarious confession. "I couldn’t remember if you were Han Solo or Chewbacca," he said, playing along with the joke. It's not every day you hear a talk show host admit to such a colossal brain fart, but hey, that's Conan for you!

Harrison Ford Conan O'Brien
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The Ford-Conan face-off was a hit with fans. They lapped up every second of this friendly banter, with some even suggesting it was movie-worthy. Talk about a blockbuster podcast episode! But it wasn't all fun and games. Amidst the laughter, Ford also dropped some serious knowledge about his new gig, the latest Indiana Joneˆ film. He shared how age wasn't just a number but a major plot point in the story. "We are trying to make the best of the fact that I am no longer 38... It's an interesting challenge to make an action-adventure film based on a character who is older," said Ford, showing us that even at 78, he's still got game.

So, there you have it. A podcast episode that was part comedy roast, part insightful conversation and a whole lot of fun. It showcased Harrison Ford's epic sense of humor and gave us a sneak peek into his upcoming film. And as for Conan, he might need to brush up on his Star Wars trivia, but when it comes to creating a laugh riot, he's still the man!

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