Haley Lu Richardson’s Relatable Fangirl Moment


| LAST UPDATE 02/26/2023

By Riley Hammond
Haley Lu Richardson Jonas Brothers
Instagram via @haleyluhoo

Haley Lu Richardson has managed to do the impossible - she's gone from childhood crush on Nick Jonas to starring alongside all three of the brothers in their new Wings music video! That's right! Here's a look.

The White Lotus star let her fandom shine in the brand new video for Kevin, Nick and Joe's hit single Wings, released today. Richardson proved she lives life like a rockstar by waking up from an epic night out wearing a Las Vegas T-shirt - no doubt inspired by the Jonas Brothers' residency in Sin City! Our queen then rallied her fellow superfans to party it up before their rocking performance that evening. "I AM IN THE JONAS BROTHERS MUSIC VIDEO FOR THEIR NEW SONG WINGS!!!!! I REPEAT I AM IN THE JONAS BROTHERS MUSIC VIDEO FOR THEIR NEW SONG WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!" Richardson, a noted Nick stan, wrote on Instagram. "This was the most surreal day of my entire existence. im so thankful." She excitedly added that not only were her closest pals in the video, but also "JOSEPH, KEVIN AND NICHOLAS JERRY FREAKING JONAS!!!!!!!!!"

Haley Lu RIchardson Jonas Brothers
Instagram via @jonasbrothers
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But it gets better. At the end of the video, Richardson and her pals are waiting in front of an elevator when the doors open to reveal none other than Joe, Kevin, and, as Haley put it, Nicholas Jerry "freaking" Jonas! And what do they say? Just a casual "Going up?" Cue the screaming fans. And this isn't even the first time Richardson has freaked out over Nick Jonas. During an appearance on The Late Late Show last year, Nick surprised her on-air, and she couldn't contain herself. She clutched her arms close to her chest, cursed (whoops!), and wiped away tears as she gushed about how much she loved him and his brothers.

After the break, Corden pulled a classic move and pretended to take a call on his phone. Then he showed Richardson that Nick was on the screen and she completely lost it! She clutched her arms close, cursed and even shed some tears - talk about fan-girling! She gushed to Nick about how he's been a huge part of her life since childhood - even her Converse shoes had his name on them in grade school! All hail Queen Haley Lu Richardson - living proof that dreams do come true! Check out the music video here.

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