Remembering Gunther: Relive His Funniest ‘Friends’ Moments


| LAST UPDATE 10/25/2021

By Scarlett Adler
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It's a sad day for our friends over at Central Perk. After a tragic battle with cancer, James Michael Taylor - who many of us knew as 'Gunther' - has passed away. Let's keep our favorite barista's memory alive by taking a trip down memory lane with his funniest Friends moments...

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First up on our countdown? Let's start at the very beginning - the scene that started it all: The One with the Race Car Bed, otherwise known as the moment Gunther finally revealed his feelings for one of our 6 friends. "I love Rachel," the smitten star muttered while we watched him hilariously bare his thoughts on the entire gang.

But how about once he finally made those feelings known? For our next memorable moment, let’s move on to The Last One, otherwise known as the one where Gunther came clean to Rachel about... everything. Unfortunately, we all know how that story ends. After 7 long seasons of watching the barista double as a lost puppy, we watched his dreams finally come true – “I love you too!” Rachel confessed… but not exactly in the same way he'd hoped.

From falling in love with our fashionista to following her around for X? years, Gunther's journey in Central Perk brought us on one whirlwind of a ride. But how about when he actually took his eyes off of Rachel for a change? Let's talk about The One With the Stain, otherwise known as one of our barista's most iconic moments. Not only did he hilariously insult our dino-loving paleontologist by calling him an "ezel" - Dutch for "donkey" - but he managed to leave him stumped in the process. Sorry, Ross.

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gunther friends cast sick
Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood

Could we BE any more amused? Safe to say, it's been 20+ years after we first met him and James Michael Taylor's time in Central Perk is just as beloved. And while the actor was taken far too soon, his memory (and time putting a smile on our face) is bound to live on forever. Check out these other unforgettable Friends moments.