Guess What Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Named Their Baby?

Taran Underwood

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If you thought you'd seen the peak of royal baby frenzy back when Kate Middleton was first in the maternity ward, you're sorely mistaken. Meghan Markle, the newest most popular royal family member has just given birth to a bouncing baby boy. And this is officially all the internet will be talking about this week (at least until a new episode of Game of Thrones airs.) Especially when we consider what she's decided to name this newest royal: Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. No, not Archibald, just Archie. And no, he will not have a title, as the couple has decided to forgo a courtesy title from the Queen, meaning his drivers license application will be much easier to fill out.

But fans of the royals are reacting in all kinds of ways to this news, including with sheer joy that the name may be calling out the most famous Archie in the world right now: the one from Riverdale. But this seems like a stretch, no? Honestly, they can't possibly be naming royals after TV characters, can they?

Alright, well, Star Wars is a cultural institution the world over, and it's just a middle name. It's totally acceptable to go full fan boy over a middle name. Encouraged, even. If this turned out to be true, it'd be the kind of wildly relatable thing we've grown to love this particular branch of the royal family for.

Actually, maybe we should hope they didn't choose to name him after a TV character, since not everyone watches Riverdale (even though it sometimes feels like they do) and so this name could have some extremely odd connotations for people.

Again, we would hope that if this young royal is in fact named after a fictional character, it's at least a fictional television character on The CW. Though if the Sussexes were somehow fans of the Archie comics and not Riverdale the TV show that would be even more exciting. Nerd royals! They exist!

This is indeed an interesting choice, as Jughead is even the narrator of Riverdale and therefore some could argue more of a main character than Archie himself. But again, if we're thinking these two are legitimate nerd royals who are constantly reading Archie comics and maybe refuse to even watch the TV adaptation... it's almost too weird to picture.

Even if his parents are not the world's first genuine nerd royals, with a name like Archie they may in fact be setting their son up to take on that role. While he will likely grow up to be a total smoke show (like his parents before him), the age of the hot nerd may have officially dawned.

Reminder: he's not a prince! So don't throw out your invites so quickly. The Christening will probably have swag, for goodness sake.