Gordon Ramsay Gets Hilariously Roasted by Wendy's

Eliott Tanner

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Jason LaVeris / Contributor via Getty Images

Don't let Wendy's innocent-looking ginger mascot fool you, they are also masters of verbally sizzling and grilling anybody that presents them with a challenge. #NationalRoastDay was a trending hashtag over the weekend, as Twitter seemed to have entered an insult frenzy. Including big time chef, Gordon Ramsay.

Having their Twitter account become infamous over the years after a series of viral roasts, the burger chain celebrated the proclaimed day accordingly with a "Roast me, Wendy's" post. The post led many famous brands to hop onboard the roast-train, creating some hilarious savageness along the way. However, what none of the Twitter community, nor Wendy's themselves expected, was for arch-roaster Gordon Ramsay to take on their challenge.

Ramsay has always been one for scorching his chefs live on TV, bringing us notable works of humor like "idiot sandwich." So understandably, online excitement prevailed when Twitter users saw Gordon commenting on Wendy's post with a simple GIF of him saying "what took you so long?"

Gordon Ramsay Wendy's
Gabe Ginsberg / Contributor via Getty Images

Wendy's seem to never miss an opportunity to answer a good roast - and they sure did so with this one. Photoshoping an image of the Wendy's mascot and Gordon Ramsay in the "I am you" Spiderman meme and fashioning it with the slam-dunk; "Creating a food empire off of insulting people to stay relevant? Real original, Gordon. #NationalRoastDay" The banter Tweet went viral after receiving over 17.5k likes and thousands of retweets and comments.

Wendy's was on a rampage over the weekend, after clapping back at the Hells Kitchen chef, but that didn't stop other insultees from throwing it back at the burger franchise. T-Mobile entered combat mode by deep-frying Wendy's roast with a simple "Oh... we thought your roasts were gonna be fresh, not frozen."

With all the heat cooking up on Twitter, it is safe to say that it is all in good fun of course. Yet, this is another reminder to not mess with the staff over at Wendy's and the ones who run their social media accounts. They know how to dish out a good burn, and they are certainly not afraid to show it.