Gordon Ramsay Is Somehow Scarier As a Cartoon

Taran Underwood

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Gordon Ramsay is famous for two things: cooking and yelling. In his long-running cooking competition show Hell's Kitchen he does enough of both to assure competitors a lifetime of PTSD. And now, thanks to YouTuber Zeeeko, you too can be traumatized by Ramsay's rage.

Zeeeko's animations, while traumatizing, also manage to make the hell that is Ramsay's kitchen a place safe enough for a giraffe to be, so that's nice. It's also not the first time he's taken the time to give us this relatively fun version of actual hell.

It's weird how imagining Gordon Ramsay as a Super Saiyan makes him *less* threatening. And if you think these animations maybe heighten or dramatize how intense Ramsay's kitchen can be, well, no, you're wrong.

And if, after watching all this, you're craving yet more abuse, well, you should probably examine what happened to you as a child to make you like this. But hey, therapy is expensive and Ramsay does offer up free abuse on his Twitter account.

That's right, just tweet at him with a picture of whatever food you've made and he'll give you his unadulterated, typically very cruel, opinion of your work.

And yeah, they do let this guy work with kids.