Gabrielle Union's Hilarious 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Interview


| LAST UPDATE 10/01/2021

By Molly Houghton
Gabrielle Union Jimmy Kimmel
Frazer Harrison / Staff via Getty Images

Gabrielle Union just released her second memoir, You Got Anything Stronger? And lucky for us, the talented actress's book tour included a stop at Jimmy Kimmel Live. Here's everything you need to know about the hilarious interview.

Gabrielle Union Book Tour
Frazer Harrison / Staff via Getty Images

One of the night's highlights was certainly the two stars' conversation about Dwayne Wade's fashion choices. "Now, what happened? Did Dwayne's shirts get lost on the plane?" Jimmy asked Gabrielle about her NBA husband's outfit choices during their recent vacation. "He was firmly committed to shirtless summer, and I was here for it," Union explained, clarifying, "I don't often chime in about his fashion choices, but I was here for this."

And just like the rest of us, Kimmel wanted to know in what situations the 48-year-old does chime in on the hubby's style selections. Spoiler alert: it has a lot to do with Dwayne's sizing-down habit. "Because he likes a 'schmedium.' You know, he's probably like a large, extra-large, but he likes a 'schmedium,'" Gabrielle shared with Jimmy.

Jimmy Kimmel Celebrity Interview
Instagram via @gabunion

The Think Like a Man star continued, "He likes a slim fit. And the thing about like a slim fit pant, if you are a blessed person - a blessed gentleman - I was like, 'Um, a lot of information there with that slim fit, with that particular cut. I can see your heartbeat.'" So what does Dwayne do in those particular situations where his wife gives her two cents? Apparently, nothing (most of the time).

Funny celebrity news
Instagram via @gabunion

"And if it's too revealing in that way, you will nix those pants?" Kimmel asked. "I will give him a heads up that it could be a problem," Union explained. "He rarely listens. And he's like, 'What is the eggplant emoji and why is that in my comments?'" Good thing the former Miami Heat player has Gabrielle to keep him in the know.

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"Does he really not know what that is?" Jimmy wondered. "He knows now!" Gabrielle hilariously said. "And I think it's the goal. I think it's the goal to have his comment section filled with [eggplant emojis]."

Check out the full interview - and all of its LOL-worthy moments - in the clip above.