From Gigi Hadid to Catherine Paiz: Celebrities Who Were and Are Expecting Babies in 2020


| LAST UPDATE 03/06/2022

By Kayla Black

Having a baby can be one of the proudest and most memorable moments in life. And our favorite celebs are no exception. They still keep us on our toes by sharing their big moments and we can't help but get excited for them! Take a look at these Hollywood mama's rocking their baby bumps.

Nicki Minaj

Another bikini-clad baby announcement went live in July, in which the rapper looked stunning with her very obvious baby bump, bright yellow wig, and unique look. She captioned her photo "#Preggers" and seemed thrilled with her soon-to-be baby. Recently, she announced plans to retire and spend time with her new family.

Celeb Baby Bumps Celeb Baby Bumps
Instagram via Nickiminaj

This is Minaj's first pregnancy and we know that she will make an incredible mother. Nicki and her husband, Kenneth 'Zoo' Petty, have been married for nearly a year now. The pair seem to be as in love as ever, and we wish nothing but the best for Minaj, Petty, and their child.

Sharon Fonseca

Sharon and her partner, Gianluca Vacchi, took to Instagram on May 10th to announce their pregnancy. The pair started dating in 2018, and have remained inseparable in the two years since. Vacchi and Fonseca still seem to be as happy as ever, especially now that they are expecting.

Sharon Fonseca Baby BumpsSharon Fonseca Baby Bumps
Instagram via sharfonseca

The Venezuelan star is awaiting the arrival of her first baby. Vacchi and Fonseca have also announced that they are having a boy. We know that the 25-year-old model will make an incredible mother, and are positive that the baby will be just as drop-dead-gorgeous as his parents.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid announced that she was expecting her first child with boyfriend and former one direction member Zayn Malik. Initially, Hadid refused to share images of her baby bump on social media - she stated that her pregnancy should not draw attention away from the issues going on in the world. We truly admired that.  

Gigi Hadid baby bumps Gigi Hadid baby bumps
Instagram via gigihadid

Hadid felt that her pregnancy is a private matter and should only be shared with close friends and family. However, she recently did a pregnancy shoot that was simply too beautiful to keep to herself. The glowing mother to be looks absolutely beautiful. To be fair, did you expect anything less? 

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Pilar Rubio

Earlier this year, Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos announced that they were expecting another child. The power couple has been married for just over a year, but they have been together for what feels like forever. The pair already shares three lovely sons.

Pilar Rubio Baby BumpsPilar Rubio Baby Bumps
Instagram via pilarrubio_oficial

Pilar is a major Spanish reporter and TV personality. She posted a few photos on her socials showing off her beautiful baby bump and regularly gives pregnancy tips to her followers. The star gave birth in July and welcomed her fourth boy into the family.

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Emma Roberts

After months of pregnancy rumors and subtle hints on social media, Emma Roberts has finally announced that she's expecting her first child. "Me… and my two favorite guys," Roberts captioned a photo on Instagram this past week. She and her boyfriend, Garrett Hedlund, are getting ready to welcome their baby boy into the world.

Emma Roberts Baby Bump Emma Roberts Baby Bump
Instagram via @emmaroberts

"They are surprised, shocked, and happy at the same time, and so are their families," revealed a source. Since the announcement, Roberts has received incredible support from her friends, family, and fans. "You will be the greatest mama!" said Emma's Scream Queens co-star, Lea Michele. We can't wait to meet this little bundle of joy!

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Karla Souza

Karla Souza welcomed her first child in 2018. The actress shared a photo of herself on social media earlier this year showing off her baby bump to announce that a second would make an appearance. This picture was made even more precious, as Souza stood with her little girl, who looked extremely happy to become a big sister.

Karla Souza Baby BumpsKarla Souza Baby Bumps
Instagram via KARLASOUZA

One month after the pregnancy announcement, Karla gave birth to a baby boy, which she named Luka. She has posted a few baby photos on Instagram, and Luka is positively adorable. Although it has been a crazy year, we are sure that Karla and her husband will remember it fondly.

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Katy Perry

Katy Perry's pregnancy was one of the biggest and most anticipated of the year. She released a new hit single, "Never Worn White" and made her announcement through the music video. The massive pop star is depicted with a very large and noticeable baby bump.

Katy Perry Baby BumpsKaty Perry Baby Bumps
Instagram via katyperry

The baby girl, Daisy Dove Bloom, made her big appearance at the end of August with a heartfelt post providing information on how to donate to UNICEF on behalf of the child. This is Katy's first child with her fiancé, Orlando Bloom, both of whom are UNICEF Ambassadors.

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Hilaria Baldwin

The Baldwin family is currently expecting their fifth edition. Their pregnancy announcement came just a few months after Hilaria suffered a devastating miscarriage. She took to Instagram to let her followers know that this pregnancy is running smoothly and she is roughly four and a half months along.

Hilaria Baldwin Baby BumpsHilaria Baldwin Baby Bumps
Instagram via hilariabaldwin

Baldwin also shared a picture of her adorable belly. Her young daughter was also featured in the image and seems completely ecstatic about the pregnancy. We can't wait for the arrival of baby number five and the social media pictures sure will follow.

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Lea Michele

The Glee star took to Instagram several months ago wearing a bikini, however, she was showing off a very obvious baby bump. Michele looks incredibly radiant and happy about her pregnancy, even amidst a scandal over rumored past diva behaviors.

Lea Michele Baby BumpsLea Michele Baby Bumps
Instagram via leamichele

Lea and her man, Zandy Reich, first made their pregnancy public in April of 2020. The pair welcomed their first little one in mid-August and posted a stunning black and white photo of his foot. No other details have been announced yet, but we can’t wait to see more!

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Africa Zavala

Zavala recently shared her pregnancy news with the world. Africa appeared on the cover page of the Mexican magazine, Hola!, showing off her plump baby belly. The 35-year-old Mexican actress and her Venezuelan actor boyfriend, Eduardo Yanez, both seem ecstatic.

Africa Zavala Baby BumpsAfrica Zavala Baby Bumps
Instagram via zavala_africa

The expectant parents shared their pregnancy with their fans and followers via social media. Zavala looks more radiant and excited than we have ever seen her, which is saying something. Hopefully, she will post hundreds of baby photos on Instagram so that we can see her beautiful creation.

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Ana Layevska

In April, while the world was shuttered due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Russian star gave birth to her second child. She wrote, “In these times of fear, uncertainty, change, you arrive as a promise that everything will be fine and that better times await us,” which she shared with a photo through her social networks.

Ana Layevska Baby BumpsAna Layevska Baby Bumps
Instagram via analayevska1

In the original baby announcement, the singer and actress posed with her first daughter, Masha, who was copying her mother's pose and showing her stomach to the camera. We couldn't be happier for Layevska, Masha, and her husband, Rodrigo Moreira.

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Bekah Martinez

Martinez gained fame after her stint on the popular reality television show, The Bachelor. Bekah had her first child in February of 2019 and her second child halfway through 2020. We must say that parenthood definitely suits Martinez and her partner, Grayson Leonard. They look extremely happy with their two young children.

Bekah Martinez Baby BumpsBekah Martinez Baby Bumps
Instagram via bekah

The 25-year-old and seems to make an amazing mother and named their newest addition Franklin James. "He's. HERE," Bekah gushed on Instagram, alongside photos of his homebirth. Congratulations to this new family of four, we couldn’t be happier for you.

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Anna Kournikova

The professional tennis player announced the birth of her newest addition on the 30th of January. Kournikova and long-term boyfriend, Enrique Iglesias, never publicly announced their pregnancy, but Anna was seen with a very obvious baby bump while on a boat with her man.

Anna Kournikova Baby BumpsAnna Kournikova Baby Bumps
Instagram via annakournikova

The power couple now has three beautiful children together. They are very private people and haven't shared much news about their pregnancies with the world. While we agree that pregnancy is a very intimate and personal experience, we would absolutely love to see a photo or two of the new baby.

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Nikki Bella

The WWE star publicized in January of 2020 that she is expecting her first child with fiancé, Artem Chigvintsev. The pair welcomed baby Matteo Artemovich Chigvintsev in early August. Artem posted a stunning photo squeezing the fingers of their firstborn to announce his arrival into the world.

Nikki Bella Baby BumpsNikki Bella Baby Bumps
Instagram via thenikkibella

Nikki has always been very open about her desire to have a child, stating that it’s something she’s wanted her whole life. The star even ended her long-term relationship with fellow WWE star John Cena because he did not want children. This baby comes at an incredible time, as her sister, Brie, was also expecting.  

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Brie Bella

Announcing her second pregnancy at roughly the same time as her sister's, Brie, and husband, Daniel Bryan, welcomed son, Buddy Dessert around the same time as well. The wrestler even announced the birth and baby names in the same public statement with her sister.

Brie Bella Baby BumpsBrie Bella Baby Bumps
Instagram via thebriebella

Birdie, Brie's first daughter, was born three years ago and has been the light of her life. Both parents are extremely happy and deserve nothing but the best. How incredible is it that both sisters fell pregnant at the same time?

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America Ferrera

America Ferrera shared the news of her pregnancy on social media at the start of 2020. The actress posted some insanely adorable photos of herself and her baby bump on Instagram. She even shared the name of her baby-to-be with her followers: Lucia Marisol Williams.

America Ferrera Baby BumpsAmerica Ferrera Baby Bumps
Instagram via americaferrera

Baby Williams was born on the 4th of May and America joked that Lucia had to make an appearance in time for Mother's Day. The baby girl is the actress's second child. She couldn't be happier with how 2020 has panned out, regardless of the global pandemic.

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Grimes, like so many other celebrities, announced her pregnancy on social media. She shared a very artsy picture that featured her and her very noticeable baby bump on Instagram. The musician's fans quickly sent messages of love and congratulations her way.

Grimes Baby BumpsGrimes Baby Bumps
Instagram via grimes

Even though the star didn't add a caption to the photograph, it is obvious how happy she is about her new addition. The baby arrived in May and is the first child of Grimes and her tech mogul boyfriend, Elon Musk. The couple chose quite a unique name for their boy, X Æ A-Xii.

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Ashley Graham

This supermodel gave birth to her first child at the start of 2020. Ashley documented every minute of her pregnancy, which shows us how excited she was. More so, she shared numerous videos and pictures of her baby bump on social media, which her fans loved.

Ashley Graham Baby Bumps Ashley Graham Baby Bumps
Instagram via ashleygraham

Her baby boy, named Isaac Menelik Giovanni Ervin, was welcomed to the world on January 18th. Graham's husband of ten years, Justin Ervin, also shared his excitement with his followers on social media. They lovingly post photos of their diaper-clad baby on Instagram and we are obsessed.

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Anahi also shared the news of her pregnancy on social media. The singer shared many pictures and videos of herself on Instagram to show off her beautiful baby bump. This showed the world just how over the moon she was with the newest addition to her family.

Anahi Baby BumpsAnahi Baby Bumps
Instagram via anahi

Emiliano, her baby boy, was born on the 2nd of February. She claimed that her child was born three weeks before the due date, but that the birth went smoothly. We are extremely happy for both Anahi and her husband, Manuel Velasco Coello.

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Kenia Ontiveros Hernandez

This actress shared a lot about her pregnancy on social media. In fact, you will find what seems like hundreds of pictures of her and her baby bump on her Instagram page. Her baby, named Dalett, was welcomed into the world in May of 2020.

Kenia Ontiveros Hernandez Baby BumpsKenia Ontiveros Hernandez Baby Bumps
Instagram via keniaontiverosoficial

It is evident how important the pregnancy was to Kenia Ontiveros Hernandez. Her face is positively beaming in all of her photos with her newest addition. We are sure that Kenia will make an amazing mother, and we hope that she continues to document each moment of motherhood.

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Jenna Dewan

Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee shared the news of their pregnancy with the world on social media. The actress showed everybody that being pregnant and looking stunning does not have to be mutually exclusive. The newest addition is Jenna's second child and Kazee's first.

Jenna Dewan Baby BumpsJenna Dewan Baby Bumps
Instagram via jennadewan

Their baby boy, Callum Michael Rebel Kazee, was born on the 3rd of June. The couple shared that the birth went well and showed how happy they are with their little family with an array of pictures. We couldn't be happier for Dewan, Kazee, and their new baby boy.

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Hope Solo

The former Olympian announced in 2019 that she was awaiting the arrival of twins. The footballer took to Instagram to state that she would be doubling the size of her small family. We were also blessed with a few pictures of her incredible baby bump, which received tons of comments of congratulations.

Hope Solo Baby BumpsHope Solo Baby Bumps
Instagram via hopesolo

The twins were welcomed to the world on the 4th of March and were named Vittorio Genghis Stevens and Lozen Orianna Judith Stevens. Both Hope and Jeremy Stevens, the father of the children, are over the moon with their small family. We can’t wait to watch them kick a ball around.

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Michelle Williams

The star has received many honors over the years for her incredible acting abilities, but perhaps her most important achievement of the year was giving birth to her second child. She even flaunted her baby bump on the red carpet during awards season.

Michelle Williams Baby BumpsMichelle Williams Baby Bumps
Jeff Kravitz / Contributor

The actress's baby was welcomed to the world in June. The child is her first with husband Thomas Kail. Williams’ eldest, Matilda, is the daughter of well-known and deceased actor, Heath Ledger. Both Williams, Matilda, and Kail are extremely happy with their little family. 

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Erica Mena

Mena has not been stingy with sharing baby bump photos on social media. The television personality proved pregnancy can go hand-in-hand with being fashionable and drop-dead gorgeous. Erica posed in various pictures, showing off her beautiful pregnancy body.

Erica Mena Baby BumpsErica Mena Baby Bumps
Instagram via iamerica_mena

The star also documented a lot of her pregnancy on Instagram. Her child, named Safaree Samuels, was welcomed to the world in February, and Mena couldn't be happier with her newest addition. We hope that Erica continues to share her motherhood journey with her followers.

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Malika Haqq

Haqq shared a few pictures of herself and her baby bump on social media throughout her pregnancy. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star shared the news of her pregnancy with the world in 2019 and appeared to be extremely excited.

Malika Haqq Baby BumpsMalika Haqq Baby Bumps
Instagram via malika

Malika's first son, Ace Flores, arrived in March of this year. We are extremely excited to see pictures of Ace and True, Khloe Kardashian's daughter, together. Haqq is going to make an incredible mother, and we wish her all the best. So many babies, we don’t know how to keep up.

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Christina Milian

Christina is another celebrity who wasn't shy about showing off her baby bump on social media. The singer and actress shared the news of her second pregnancy with the world in 2019 and seemed very happy to be expecting another baby, calling it a “collaboration”. Baby Milian arrived in January of this year.

Malika Haqq Baby BumpsMalika Haqq Baby Bumps
Instagram via malika

Christina and her long-term partner, French singer-songwriter Matt Pokora, are both thrilled with the newest addition to their family. Their little boy, Isaiah Pokora, is the first child shared between Milian and Pokora. The baby joins the family after her eldest daughter, Violet, who Milian shares with rapper, The-Dream.

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Milla Jovovich

Like many others, Jovovich announced her most recent pregnancy on Instagram. The actress looked stunning in her announcement picture. She was undeniably glowing while showing off her beautiful baby bump. Milla stated that she was over the moon with her third child.

Milla Jovovich Baby BumpsMilla Jovovich Baby Bumps
Instagram via millajovovich

Their baby was welcomed to the world in February. Jovovich shared the news of the arrival of her daughter, Osian. Both Milla and her husband, Paul W. S. Anderson, are enthusiastic about their newest addition and have stated that they cannot wait to raise her.

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The actress looked stunning during the pregnancy of her first child. Sherlyn showed off her beautiful baby bump to her social media followers and was beaming with excitement. She shared a photo of herself in a gorgeous green dress and was wearing a massive smile.

Sherlyn Baby BumpsSherlyn Baby Bumps
Instagram via sherlyny

The new child, Andre, was welcomed into the world on the 30th of May. Since his birth, Andre has been featured in plenty of his mother's social media posts, and we cannot wait to see more. We are positive that Sherlyn is an incredible mother, and we are super excited for more pictures of the family.

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Laura Prepon

The That 70's Show actress shared the news of her pregnancy on Instagram last year. The star was seen beaming in her Instagram post. In the caption, she said, "Heading into the new year with a bundle from the farmers market and a bundle on the way."

Laura Prepon baby bump Laura Prepon baby bump
Instagram via lauraprepon

The Prepon baby arrived on the 27th of February 2020. Laura and her long-time husband, Ben Foster, both claimed that they are over the moon with the newest addition to their family. We are extremely happy for the couple and wonder if acting will run in the family.

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Camilla Luddington

Camilla Luddington and husband, Matthew Alan, have welcomed their second child into the world. “We are beyond excited to add to our little family and give Hayden a sibling,” The Grey’s Anatomy star gushed to her fans on Instagram. “And yes, I’ve been away a lot from social media the past few months because OMGGGG the exhaustion.”

Camilla Luddington baby bumps Camilla Luddington baby bumps
Instagram via @camillaluddington

Once filming wrapped on the final season of Grey’s Anatomy, the British beauty could finally share the news about her baby bump. “We feel so lucky, and I can’t wait to bring you guys along for the remaining months of this baby #2 journey!” Luddington said on social media.

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Keyshia Ka’Oir

Keyshia Ka’Oir and husband Gucci Mane have announced their pregnancy to the public, by sharing a sonogram photo from her Twitter account. “Our hearts can’t take it,” she expressed. This is their first child as a couple, though the pair both have children from previous relationships.

Keyshia Ka’Oir baby bumps Keyshia Ka’Oir baby bumps
Instagram via @keyshiakaoir

“I’m proud to be a mother, but I need it to be private,” Keyshia would later explain. But the happy couple fully embraced the news of their new bundle of joy. “My wife is pregnant, my life is great,” Gucci told his fans on Instagram, making it clear that he has been beyond excited to welcome the new addition to their family.

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Leighton Meester

Celebrity twosome Leighton Meester and Adam Brody have just given birth to their second child, a beautiful boy. This cute couple has been famously quiet about their private lives, keeping details of their growing family mostly separate from their careers.


However Brody has talked about his son, confirming the birth on Twitch, saying “I have a boy, and he’s a dream. He’s a dream boy.” Leighton and Adam also have a 4-year old daughter named Arlo, who has surely been excited to welcome her baby brother to the young family.

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Ashley Hinshaw

Ashley Hinshaw, wife of That 70s Show star Topher Grace, has announced news of the couples second child together! The True Blood actress has even posted tidbits of their pregnancy on social media, sharing details about her journey navigating pregnancy number two.

Instagram via @ashley_hinshaw

In an interview with Us Weekly Hinshaw admitted that she’s looking forward to “not being pregnant anymore”, but is still “nervous” and “excited” about welcoming the new baby. Topher even chimed in with a little joke about having two little ones in the house, saying he’s excited about having "less sleep."

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Vanessa Morgan

CW actress Vanessa Morgan excitedly shared the news of her pregnancy earlier in the year. “Exciting news… I am overjoyed to be welcoming my baby boy into the world this January.” She wrote on Instagram. “This little guy has already brought me so much happiness and a feeling of such a greater purpose.”

Vanessa MorganVanessa Morgan
Instagram via @vanessamorgan

The star has been very open about sharing her journey with her fans. She even shared the details of her gender reveal party, ecstatic to announce that she will be welcoming a precious baby boy. “Lil one you were already made with so much love & already exclude a light so strong it warms my belly,” Vanessa said.

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Hannah Ferrier

Below Deck star Hannah Ferrier had been comfortable sharing the details around her surprise pregnancy. She took to Instagram with a sonogram photo, writing “Is she not like the cutest baby you have ever seen in your life?” She and her boyfriend, Josh, were over the moon about their new baby, feeling prepared for parenthood.

Hannah Ferrier Baby Bump Hannah Ferrier Baby Bump
Instagram via @hannahferrier234

“I always thought people were crazy when they said they enjoyed being pregnant, but I totally get it now!!” She revealed. “From the changes in my body to the closeness in my relationship to feeling kicks and movement, I’m especially loving falling head over heels in love.”

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Katie Lee

This culinary queen just gave birth to her first child in September with her husband, Ryan Biegel. Katie Lee announced the news on her Instagram, sharing photos of her with her gorgeous newborn daughter, Iris, with the caption “our hearts are so full”.

Katie Lee Katie Lee
Instagram via @katieleekitchen

Katie had been open about her struggles to get pregnant in the past, so we couldn’t be happier for her and her hubby. She even wrote in an Instagram post about her difficulties, saying “Someday we will have our happy new beginning.” She couldn’t have been more right!

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Rachel McAdams

This A-list star said after her first pregnancy, “It’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me, hands down.” It’s no surprise she’s been so happy to announce the news of her second child, with her actor boyfriend Jamie Linden. She and Jamie gave birth to their son in 2018.


“I had 39 years of me, I was sick of me, I was so happy to put the focus on some other people,” McAdams told the UK’s Sunday Times about her first child. Though she and her husband have announced the exciting news, she doesn’t want to share too much. “I want to keep his life private, even if it isn’t mine,” she said.

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Iskra Lawrence

Iskra Lawrence gave birth to her first child in April. “It’s not just the two of us anymore, we’re soon to be a family of 3,” Iskra shared with her 4.5 million followers on Instagram, not long before she gave birth to her little angel. Iskra and her boyfriend Philip dived headfirst into being parents, and have been loving it.

Iskra LawrenceIskra Lawrence
Getty Images via Gonzalo Marroquin

She’s been more than comfortable to share her journey into motherhood, even taking to social media for advice from her fans. “A little joy for your feed… this lil bubba is 3 weeks old today, and thanks to YOU, our amazing IG fam, I took ALLLL your incredible advice, and it’s working,” she shared.

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Jodie Turner-Smith

Actress Jodie Turner-Smith also welcomed her little bundle of joy to the world this April. She and her husband, actor Joshua Jackson, have embraced every part of parenthood. “A fantastic voyage that begins in wonder and transformation,” she has since said about early motherhood.

Jodie Turner Smith Jodie Turner Smith
Getty Images via NurPhoto

She had even been open about the difficulties of parenting during a pandemic: “Obviously it’s a bit stressful right now, and we’re just trying to figure out how to be smart about being quarantined.” Despite the added stress of Coronavirus, Jodie and Joshua have been enjoying their time with their beautiful baby girl.

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Sabrina Bryan

The Cheetah Girls star took to Instagram to announce the birth of her first child. “I loved every moment of my pregnancy and having you grow in my belly, but there’s nothing like holding you in my arms and being your mommy!” Sabrina and her husband, Jordan Lundberg, have been open about their first steps into childhood.

Sabrina Bryan Baby Bump Sabrina Bryan Baby Bump
Instagram via @sabrina.bryan

The stunning pair have been in a 9-year relationship, so no doubt they are prepared to raise their beautiful daughter together. “We realize becoming parents is a gift that we have been blessed with and are excited to share our love of our first baby!” Sabrina shared.

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Romee Strijd

Dutch model Romee Strijd was beaming with joy over the news of her pregnancy! “We can’t wait to meet our little girl,” Romee shared on social media in June. This is her first child with her boyfriend, Laurens van Leeuwen, and they couldn’t be more excited about starting their family.

Romee Strijd Baby Bumps Romee Strijd Baby Bumps
Instagram via @romeestrijd

Romee has shared her PCOS diagnosis with fans in the past, and her anxiety over whether or not she could have children. So it’s easy to see why they are so happy to welcome their new baby. It seems she and Laurens have been enjoying every step on their journey to adulthood.

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Remy Ma

Remy Ma has discovered she is having a baby, and couldn’t be happier about it. “We’re going to have another child real soon,” her husband Papoose announced in an interview. This bundle of joy will be the couples second child together, after the birth of their daughter in 2018.

Remy Ma Remy Ma
Getty Images via Raymond Hall

The rapper and her husband were overjoyed by the birth of their daughter, and this announcement gave them similar joy. Though they have only had one child together so far, Papoose has children from previous marriages. No doubt this has helped to prepare them for a bigger family, and we have no doubt they’ll be great parents.

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Stassi Schroeder

“So this is fun: 93% of my shoes don’t fit anymore,” Stassi Schroeder has said, after announcing the news of her first pregnancy. Being a former star of Vanderpump Rules and a podcast host, Stassi is known for her “tell-it-like-it-is” approach, so it’s no surprise to us that she’s been open with fans about her pregnancy.

Stassi SchroederStassi Schroeder
Instagram via @the bigthebadthebogie

She has taken to social media daily to share her pregnancy stories, and her maternity outfits! We’re sure she’ll be as bold and gorgeous as her mother. “She will be great, powerful, humble, kind, loving, compassionate, and a dash from Kesha,” Beau shared on Instagram.

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Ashlee Simpson

Amazingly, pop star Ashlee Simpson first shared her baby bump with the public in a selfie on the set of her music video for Can’t Take My Eyes Off You. “Love carrying you around,” she shared on her Instagram. This will be her third child with husband Evan Ross.

Ashlee SimpsonAshlee Simpson
Instagram via @ashleesimpsonross

She shared more with her fans, saying “We are pregnant, and we are so excited to share it with everyone” on Instagram. “During this unprecedented time, we know pregnant women may be under greater stress,” Ashlee shared. The singer has shown support for mothers during the coronavirus epidemic.

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Maren Morris

Maren Morris gave birth to her first child and seems to be loving every minute of motherhood. “The irony is just too rich after a year of living in the GIRL headspace, the universe would give us a baby boy to even things out,” the country singer has shared. “See you in 2020, little one.”

Maren Morris Maren Morris
Getty Images via Terry Wyatt

She and her husband, Ryan Hurd, have been open about their first experiences as parents. The gorgeous couple took to social media to document every step with their son. “It’s kind of cool to think that we can look back on his footage when he’s old enough and be like, ‘You were in there!'” the artist shared.

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Morgan Stewart

Earlier this year E! Host Morgan Stewart announced her first pregnancy, just after her engagement to partner Jordan McGraw. “She may not be great at math, but at least she’ll be well-dressed,’ Stewart joked in an Instagram post about her future daughter.

Morgan Stewart Morgan Stewart
Instagram via @morganstewart

Morgan can’t wait for the birth of her child, and hopes the little one will be a fashionista like her mother. “I’m so happy that we can now say that out loud, and it’s no longer a secret,” she told Daily Pop. “The secret-keeping for that long, for me, has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through.”

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Chloe Sevigny

Indie actress Chloe Sevigny announced that she was pregnant with her first child in 2019, and it was clear that she was excited to become a mom. Chloe and her boyfriend, Sinisa Mackovic, shared that they were “trying to enjoy the moment” when talking about starting a family.

Chloe Sevigny Chloe Sevigny
Instagram via @chloessevigny

Their beautiful son was welcomed into the world back in May. Chloe was surprised by the gender of her baby, saying “When I found out I was having a boy, I had to wrap my head around that, as I am so girly.” The shock didn’t last long, as the stunning couple are now enjoying every moment with their new family member.

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Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner has shown off her pregnancy with confidence since she and her musician husband, Joe Jonas, shared the news with the public. The twenty-four-year-old actress has been glowing when seen strolling about with her baby bump, and couldn't be more excited.

Sophie Turner Baby Bump Sophie Turner Baby Bump
Getty Images via GeBG026/Bauer-Griffin

The A-list couple brought their first child into the world in July 2020. Sophie hasn’t shared any baby photos with her 15 million followers, but we know she has a beautiful daughter named Willa Jonas. She has since shared a photo of herself and her husband, calling him her “baby daddy”.

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Catherine Paiz

Catherine Paiz and Austin McBroom gave birth to their third child, Steel, earlier in June. “Our family is now complete,” Austin shared on Instagram. The stars of The ACE Family have been open about sharing their family’s journey in the past, but have been surprisingly quiet about their third child.

Catherine Paiz Baby Bump Catherine Paiz Baby Bump
Instagram via @catherinemcbroom

“I wanted to keep you to myself for as long as I could, and now, after all these months of privately enjoying some time with our family, I am filled with so much joy to share you with the world,” Catherine finally announced on Instagram. “You were the missing puzzle piece, I can’t wait to meet you son.”

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Hip-Hop star Ciara just welcomed her third child into the world alongside her quarterback husband Russel Wilson. She shared the exciting news of the birth with her Instagram followers, in a post saying “Happy Birthday WIN!!! Mommy & Daddy Love You”. The happy couple have been overjoyed with their newborn son.

Baby Bump Ciara Baby Bump Ciara
 Getty Images via Toni Anne Barson 

Ciara and Russel have two children already, and shared that their young children were more than excited to add another member to their beautiful family. They even released a gender reveal video, showing the family of four for jumping for joy at the announcement of a little boy.

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Rachel Bloom

Bloom showed off her beautiful pregnancy body on the red carpet at the premiere of Diary of A Future President. The actress wore a stunning yellow and pink dress, topping her look off with an obvious baby bump. Fans were so pleased with how happy she looked throughout her pregnancy.

Rachel Bloom Baby BumpsRachel Bloom Baby Bumps
Getty Images via Andrew Toth / Contributor

The baby girl arrived on the 1st of April, and Rachel took to social media to say, "She's here. She's arrived." We couldn't be happier for the young Bloom family and wish Rachel the best in motherhood. Although she may play a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on TV, we cannot wait to see her in her new role.

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