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Did Catherine Paiz Really Date Michael B. Jordan? Read the Untold Truth About the Ace Family


| LAST UPDATE 05/03/2022

By Molly Houghton

So you think you know the ACE family right? We've watched their everyday lives through their vlogs, so it's easy to feel like they've told us everything. However, we wanna know a little more about what goes on when the camera isn't rolling. Get ready folks, cuz there a few things you don't know about this picture-perfect family.

Austin's Life Before Fame

Austin McBroom had a pretty good childhood. Born and raised in California, he went to a private school in North Hollywood. This kid had more friends than he could even count and of course, he never had a problem getting the ladies. Austin was also the top of his class.

Austin McBroom, Young, ScandalAustin McBroom, Young, Scandal
YouTube via Stars Cove

That's right, not just a pretty face folks. Austin always got good grades and he was rather gifted when it came to sports. "I played three sports in high school," he said. "I played football, basketball, and baseball, and I was pretty decent at all three," he continued. But of course, basketball was his passion above all.

He Left Two Colleges After Fighting With the Coaches

McBroom's athletic abilities scored him several invitations from different universities. But finding the perfect school wasn't easy since Austin had his fair share of disputes. The first college he tried was Central Michigan, but he left after an argument with the basketball coach.

Austin McBroom College BasketballAustin McBroom College Basketball
Twitter via @AustinMcbroom

The next college he tried was St. Louis, but the same thing happened here too. Austin couldn't agree with his coaches and after one too many mishaps, McBroom decided to leave. It was only when he went to Eastern Washington that he finally decided to settle down.

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Catherine Had a Difficult Childhood

Catherine was born in Montreal, Canada, but her birth mother had to give her up for adoption. Her foster dad impulsively told her birth mother that they would name Catherine after her, so her real name is actually Dolores Catherine Johnston Paiz. She also had to work for just about everything she wanted.

Catherine Paiz, Young, FamilyCatherine Paiz, Young, Family
Fran Fernandez via Artistic Hair and Makeup by Fran Fernandez

“I’ve been working my whole life. I’ve always had a job since I was like 16. And I didn’t go to college. I moved to China after high school and I was there for quite some time… I came back and went straight to work. I moved to Miami and I managed a venue, and I worked at a hedge fund, and I’ve done like so many different things.”

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Austin's Ex's & Oh's

It's hard to imagine a world where Austin and Catherine weren't together, but before they met, these two had some dirty laundry. Let's start with Austin. We know that back in 2012 he dated California-born singer, Jasmine Villegas. We don't know why they ended, but we found a tweet that gave us a little idea.

Seiko Austin McBroomSeiko Austin McBroom
Instagram via @okiesmai

Back in March 2013, Jasmine wrote a tweet saying, "I thought you loved me..but you were just a fan…" Austin responded, "Damn lol." The singer replied, "Lol it's true …guys wanting a relationship but have motives." He then had a little romance with former Baldwin Hills star Seiko Huffman.

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Austin Was Inlove With Seiko Huffman

It's unconfirmed when they started dating, but in 2014 on Valentine's day, Austin gushed about his relationship with Seiko Huffman. "I'm not able to see my Valentine today but she already knows what it is *Face throwing a kiss*," he wrote while tagging Seiko.

Seiko Huffman Austin McBroomSeiko Huffman Austin McBroom
Twitter via @austinmcbroom

Then later on in November 2014, Seiko tweeted at Austin, "Told you, in it for the long haul. You can really get the business." Ironically, McBroom started dating Catherine just one year later when he met her at a dinner party in 2015. For Austin, he remembers it was instant sparks between him and his baby-mama.

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Catherine's Secrets

It was never confirmed (or denied) that Catherine Paiz and Michael B. Jordan were together. But the year before she met Austin, Paiz was spotted with him in Miami. The two enjoyed a summer vacation together featuring sunny beaches and jet ski- rides but struggled to get a moment alone with all the paparazzi.

Michael Jordan, Catherine PaizMichael Jordan, Catherine Paiz
Radcliffe/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images via Getty Images

This was only a few months before Catherine and Austin got together. After they met at a dinner party, Austin claimed that he, "got there, shook her hand, and she was thinking about me ever since." However, Catherine said she was still working through some feelings from her past relationships. Could she have been referring to Michael B?

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Catherine and Justin Bieber?

Back in 2014, rumors spread that Catherine and pop star Justin Bieber were getting a little cozy. When the Yummy singer had just broken things off with Selena Gomez, he posted a few pictures of himself with model Chantel Jeffries and our very own, Catherine Paiz.

Justin Bieber, Catherine, ChantelJustin Bieber, Catherine, Chantel
YouTube via Clevver News

"Studio with these fools @chantel @catherine," Bieber wrote with the pic showing the two girls next to him. Following this, Jeffries shared her own picture of Bieber and Paiz, writing, "My Canadian babies trying to take a shots." Whether something was going on or not, Catherine met Austin a few months later anyway.

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Catherine Thought She and Austin Wouldn't Last

Catherine never expected her relationship with Austin to flourish. After her previous relationships ended badly, Paiz figured that she and McBroom would share the same fate and wouldn't last. "Not as long as it has, she said. "Or that it’s going to be. And this is the thing, this is the reason why..."

Catherine Austin Ace FamilyCatherine Austin Ace Family
Instagram via @austinmcbroom

“It’s because when we met, every single relationship leading to that point always ended. And so my initial thought was it’s probably not going to last, just because every other time hasn’t. And it was at the point of my life where I was like ‘I think I’m going to be single forever.’”

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Catherine's First Pregnancy Came as a Shock

Before Catherine had any time to figure out what she was feeling, she and Austin were dating exclusively. They had only been together for a few short months when Catherine realized that she was pregnant. Since she didn't want to be alone during her pregnancy, she decided to move in with Austin.

Catherin McBroom PregnantCatherin McBroom Pregnant
Instagram via @catherinemcbroom

Her pregnancy was a total surprise but it was a little too late to panic. Austin was still in college at the time and they needed to figure out a way to make money fast. On top of that, they had to get used to being roommates. "She is the most stubborn person I've ever met in my life," Austin said about his roomie and future baby mama.

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The Real Reason They Became Vloggers

After their child was born, Catherine and Austin found themselves in a little bit of a pickle. They had no source of income, Austin was in college and it wasn't like Paiz could jump back into modeling after her pregnancy. Luckily, one of their friends suggested an extra way for them to make some cash.

Austin Catherine Ace FamilyAustin Catherine Ace Family
YouTube via The ACE Family

He told them they should post a vlog to YouTube. At first, the couple laughed at the idea, but the more they thought about it…the more it started to make sense. Catherine certainly had the experience, but neither of them knew how viral they were about to become.

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Why They Call Themselves the Ace Family

We've been referring to these celebs as the 'ACE family,' but do did we stop to ask where this name even came from? ACE- Stands for Austin, Catherine, and Elle, their daughter. Apparently, the name Elle also has special significance to the family and Catherine's been waiting a long time to use it.

Catherine & Elle McBroomCatherine & Elle McBroom
Twitter via @Elle_McBroom

The name 'Elle,' came to Catherine when she was just 16. She was watching TV when she heard the name and decided that when she had a daughter, she would name her Elle. Well, on the 28th of May in 2016, Catherine got to make her dream become a reality. Isn't that sweet?

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They Had a Secret Wedding

While the couple was open about their engagement, their wedding was a different story. These sneaky love birds decided to get hitched on the DL. “The one thing I do want to say is, we never said we weren’t married, we just didn’t say that we were,” said Catherine.

The Ace Family, YouTubeThe Ace Family, YouTube
Facebook via The Ace Family

She continued, “I just want to say our parents were not there, our family was not there. It was really just us, like a personal, private experience. We did it in our backyard, I did it with flip flops and a T-shirt.” To which Austin said, "It was a special moment for us at that time, for many reasons.”

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A Psychic Predicted Catherine's Future

According to Catherine, she believes that everything that has occurred throughout her life was predicted a long time ago by a psychic. “Well, a psychic told me that I was gonna have three when I was like 10 years old. And she told me I was gonna meet Austin," said Catherine.

Austin McBroom, Kids, FamilyAustin McBroom, Kids, Family
Instagram via @catherinemcbroom

She continued, "And I didn’t know afterwards, like after I met Austin and after everything happened in our lives, I ended up realizing that the psychic was right about everything she said. And I completely forget till everything actually happened. And so yeah, she said I was gonna have three.”

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They Knew About Kylie Jenner's Pregnancy

It's unconfirmed how Catherine and Austin became friends with Kylie Jenner, but they were one of the first to know about her top-secret pregnancy. In fact, Kylie was actually the very first person in the world besides Catherin Paiz‘s doctor to know the sex of their second child.

Ace Family, Kylie JennerAce Family, Kylie Jenner
YouTube via The Ace Family

“Like five or six months ago we were at our 'friend’s' house,” Catherine explained before revealing that they were talking about Kylie Jenner. “She was pregnant at the time and we were talking about how we want to have more kids, and she said in the future when you’re pregnant, I want to do your gender reveal.”

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Pregnant Kylie Featured in One of Their Vlogs

Kylie loaned Austin her orange Lamborghini for a vlog where he pretended to let his two-year-old daughter Elle drive. “Bro can you like not film my car?” Kylie joked in her split-second appearance. We got a glimpse of pregnant Kylie, but she was wearing a large tracksuit. So, no one could tell.

Ace Family, Kylie, YouTubeAce Family, Kylie, YouTube
YouTube via The Ace Family

Jenner also sent Elle a little rocking horse for Christmas which Catherine posted about on Snapchat. The caption read: Gift for Elle from Kylie, she's gonna love it. Paiz also said that she and Jenner are “really really good friends.” However, we've never seen them together since.

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Their House Is Worth $10 Million

On May 4, 2018, the ACE family bought a new crib with their hard-earned Youtube money for $10 million. Two separate houses were also inclusive of the sale, and the couple planned to merge both houses to create one huge home. Before expanding, the house they bought measured 12,000 square feet.

Ace Family, Money, ViralAce Family, Money, Viral
Instagram via @theacefamilycompound

By the time the two houses were joined, it was estimated that they would sit on 20,000 square feet. While some people were wondering why they wanted such a big space since they only had two children at the time, Catherine explained that they always have more people in the house and that they plan on having more kids.

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Catherine's Net Worth

It's no secret that the ACE family enjoys the finer things in life, and they've certainly got the means. Catherine has gained quite a hefty bank account from being a public figure, her Instagram handle has over 7.8 million follows and the ACE Family's Youtube channel has over 18 million subscribers.

Catherine Paiz, Ace, ScandalCatherine Paiz, Ace, Scandal
Instagram via @catherinemcbroom

Anything that Catherine posts to her social media reaches millions of people. So, companies and products pay her hundreds of thousands of dollars just for the exposure. This brought the former model's net worth to an estimated $2 million. However, Austin might just be in the lead.

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Austin's Net Worth Is More Than Catherine's

As of June 2020, Austin's net worth was estimated to be about $6 million. His career as an internet personality, a Youtuber and a social media star has given him huge wealth. A majority of his income comes from the Adsense revenue model of YouTube and some portion from other social media channels.

Austin McBroom, Net WorthAustin McBroom, Net Worth
Instagram via @austinmcbroom

Austin also collaborates with many brands when he makes his Youtube videos and charges them a fat sum of money to do it. He also charges for shoutouts and posts on Instagram as well as brand integration. This also helps in increasing his net worth by fortunes, which explains the snazzy drip.

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The Ace Family's Net Worth

The McBroom girls, Elle and Alaïa may be toddlers, but they might have just called you poor honey. Little Elle already has over 5 million followers on Instagram and at just 4 years old, her estimated net worth is about $1 million. Her little sister, Alaïa, is only 1-years-old and her net worth is around the same.

Ace Family, Net WorthAce Family, Net Worth
Instagram via @catherinemcbroom

Catherine is currently pregnant with a baby boy, and you can bet it won't take him long to catch up to his sisters. The ACE family all together, as an empire, have an estimated net worth of about $13 million. The more their Youtube channel continues to grow, the higher that number is gonna get.

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Austin's Dad Pressurized him to Get an Education

Although Austin spent a lot of his time at school playing basketball, he was also studying a degree in communications. His father always put a lot of pressure on Austin to finish his degree because education came first. However, now that Austin is a full-time vlogger, his dad couldn't be more proud.

Austin McBroom, Family, ViralAustin McBroom, Family, Viral
YouTube via @allen.mcbroom

"He's had more success than we could have imagined," Allen McBroom told The Spokesman Review. "And he gets to be with his family every day." We also have to hand it to him, Austin definitely found a creative way to use his communications degree, we can understand why his papa is proud.

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Austin's Fans Almost Dropped Him

Fans weren't too impressed with Austin's parenting skills. Back in January 2019, he caused the picture-perfect family to go under the spotlight again, but for all the wrong reasons. Austin posted a now-deleted vlog of him giving a child (one of Catherine's relatives) a phallic lollipop.

Austin McBroom, Fans, TwitterAustin McBroom, Fans, Twitter
Twitter via @austinmcbroom

As soon as the vlog went out, the shade started pouring in. Many followers accused Austin of sexualizing a child by taking her into an adult shop. “Guys, I’m in so much trouble,” Austin apparently says in the video. “But she said she was gonna steal it if I didn’t buy it, so…”

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Austin Called His Fans 'Ungrateful'

Austin once sent his fans into a total rage after he and Paiz went on a media sabbatical to enjoy their Christmas holiday. When they returned, one of their fans wrote: "U said 10 days of filming and posting I was generally excited. Don't [sic] make promises u can't keep!" The stir this caused was one for the books.

Austin McBroom, Scandal, FansAustin McBroom, Scandal, Fans
Paul Archuleta via Getty Images

When Austin saw the fan's comment, he responded, saying: "Some of y'all are ungrateful for free content. Some of y'all should be charged every time you watch someone's video. Idk why y'all think its [sic] just so easy to make videos every day or every other day. If it was so easy everyone including yourself would be doing it…"

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Ctrl Alt Delete

Austin quickly deleted the tweet, but it was too late by then. Many of his followers began calling him arrogant and egotistic for behaving like that. Austin had seriously offended his fanbase and a few public figures. @notkombuchagirl wrote: "… being a content creator is a dream job, you get paid to film yourself having fun."

Austin McBroom, Scandal, SecretAustin McBroom, Scandal, Secret
Twitter via @austinmcbroom

McBroom also got called out for being contradictory. Before this incident happened, the couple had been asked in an interview if they found vlogging 'pressurizing'. Austin confidently said: "We waking up every day just doing what we do," and claimed it all comes naturally as they're just being themselves.

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Austin's Mother Defended Him When Fans Called Him out

Once you go into the public eye, it's pretty hard to keep things private, even if they happened before fame. Fans dug up some old tweets posted by Austin that they found rather inappropriate. In 2013, McBroom tweeted: "St. Louis is scaring me away from black girls…..blondes with blue eyes are looking more appealing!"

Austin McBroom, Mom, TwitterAustin McBroom, Mom, Twitter
Twitter via @austinmcbroom

However, the father-of-two, soon to be three, refused to apologize for the tweet and took to his mom to defend him. Austin recorded a vlog of them, saying: "They said that your son is racist towards black people," His mom responded saying, "Okay, that would affect me too right? I am black." The topic was never brought up again.

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Rumors of Austin Cheating

Austin's commitment to Catherine has come into question a few times. Specifically when Twitter user Isabella sent Catherine a message saying, “I wanted to let you know because you deserve to know as a mother. Last weekend, Austin was with some friends of mine in Miami. He slept with one of them and made her sign an NDA.”

Austin McBroom, Cheating, ScandalAustin McBroom, Cheating, Scandal
Instagram via @austinmcbroom

She told Catherine that there was proof but she was too scared to release it and risk being sued. However, Catherine called her bluff and publicly responded, saying, "Omg lmao, post your 'proof' the people wanna see. How about you post what you got, and if someone tries to sue you [I'll] pay for it. Deal? I swear ppl believe everything they read."

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What Actually Happened With Cole Carrigan

As the family became more of a hot commodity, it became harder and harder to fend off the naysayers. People have constantly tried to accuse the ACE family of disturbing things. Including, fellow Youtuber Cole Carrigan, who started a rumor that Austin had assaulted one of his friends.

Cole Carrigan, Austin McBroomCole Carrigan, Austin McBroom
Instagram via @ colecarrigan/Twitter via @austinmcbroom

After weeks of silence from Austin, fans were convinced that he might actually be guilty. However, the victim of the assault posted screenshots of her conversation with Cole, where he admitted to spreading this terrible rumor just to try to get some quick cash from the wealthy family.

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Austin's Brother Is Also Famous

Austin's not the only one in his family that's taken to the world of vlogging. His little brother Landon McBroom also has a YouTube channel, THIS IS L&S, that he updates regularly along with his girlfriend, Shyla Walker. The couple met in 2016 via Twitter and recently had a baby together, Souline.

Austin McBroom, Landon, FamousAustin McBroom, Landon, Famous
Instagram via @micholemcbroom_

They pride themselves on creating a positive vibe on their channel and spreading nothing but love and good vibes while also providing subscribers with entertainment. The “About” section on their channel explains, “We are a young couple from Los Angeles that are always on a crazy adventure. We WILL entertain you.. you can bet on that!”

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Catherine's Brother

Catherine's little bro is both an artist and a social-media personality. Ryan Johnston has overcome some difficult challenges throughout his life. By the time he turned 20-years-old, Johnston turned completely blind due to keratoconus, a progressive eye disease.

Catherine McBroom, Family, BrotherCatherine McBroom, Family, Brother
Instagram via @catherinemcbroom

Thankfully, he gained his sight back after surgery. Just like his sis, Ryan also owns a Youtube channel where he vlogs about his life. He has also appeared a few times on the 'The ACE Family's channel and it seems like he and Catherine have a great relationship. Ryan also prides himself on being an incredible artist.

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Catherine's First Modeling Job Was for Victoria's Secret

“I’ve been working my whole life," said Catherine. For her first job, she landed a modeling gig with Victoria’s Secret. She then worked briefly at an ice cream parlor but knew she had a passion for being in front of the camera. So, she decided to pursue a career in modeling full-time.

Catherine McBroom, Victoria's SecretCatherine McBroom, Victoria's Secret
Instagram via @catherinemcbroom

She went on to model for Azzelia Swimwear in 2013 and from then on, she had established herself in the modeling industry. "I didn’t go to college," said Catherine. "I moved to China after high school and I was there for quite some time…" Obviously, after Victoria's Secret, Paiz just couldn't get enough.

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We Haven't Seen the Best of the ACE Family Just Yet

Something tells us that we haven't seen anything yet when it comes to these overnight celebs. Catherine and Austin gave us a little hint when they built their $10 million mansion. Many people wondered why they needed such a big house, and Catherine revealed that they plan on expanding their family.

Austin McBroom, Catherine PaizAustin McBroom, Catherine Paiz
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Thirst Project

"This is our sanctuary, this is our empire," she said, adding, "This is where we are going to be for 15, 20 years." So far, their two little girls already have their futures set. The world can't seem to get enough of this controversial family. So, we have a feeling we're gonna be hearing about the McBrooms for quite some time...

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