Fans Are Loving Meghan Markle's New Look

Taran Underwood

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During a speech at a digital global leadership summit, Meghan Markle sent royal fans into a frenzy when she showed off her new sleek hairdo.

Meghan Markle New Hairdo
Screenshot of Video Chat via Guardian News

Markle appeared on a video link from the comfort of her home and spoke about the fight against gender and race inequality in an address to young women all over the world, on behalf of the UN initiative Girl Up. As you can see, the above look is a far stretch from what we're used to, and of course, Meghan looks beautiful.

Meghan Markle New Hair
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As soon as followers saw Meghan's long hair, Twitter was flooded with tweets that were praising her new do. Her flowing locks and glowing face had fans believing that she's officially returned to her 'celebrity hotness' now that she's living in the US.

Meghan Markle New Hairdo
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Celebrity hairstylist James Johnson explained that Meghan's gorgeous new look gives her a 'professional' feel but maintains a level of 'coolness' that suits her Los Angeles lifestyle. He also excited everybody by pointing out that the style is easy to do at home and makes her look a lot more relatable.

Meghan Markle New Hair
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Many argued that it has to be extensions, whilst others declared that Meghan has always had long, thick hair and that straightening it would give off that impression. One fan tweeted: 'Meghan has always had long thick hair. I do not believe those are extension.' While another tweeted, 'I love Meghan but she’s def wearing extensions, which there’s nothing wrong with that, her hair is shorter in those pics of them at the dentist a few days ago.'

Meghan Markle New Hair
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Offering his professional opinion, Mr. Johnson said 'Meghan's straight hair is the easy at home sleek look. Having hair like this is still elegant and professional yet still delivers a level a coolness to match her LA vibe! Keeping the ends blunt helps make the hair look thicker The hair makes her look more like an influencer than a royal as it’s more youthful and current.' Well, needless to say, we absolutely love it.