Emmys 2019: Highlights From The Weirdest Awards Show Yet

Scarlett Adler

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For as long as we can remember, The Emmy Awards have been gracing our screens year after year. What could be more exciting than seeing our favorite Netflix binge gaining the prestige we know it so obviously deserves?

So grab your popcorn, because the 71st Emmy's was quite the show. And we're here to fill you in on everything you may have missed.

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Um, Where Is Everyone...?

First things first we've got to take a moment to discuss the bizarre seat gaps. The pan view of the audience has really got us wondering, was there really such a bad turnout? I mean, there's a reason obsessive fan girls exist: seat fillers. So, where were they last night?

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1st Ever Animated Host

For the first time in Emmy's history, the 71st awards decided to nix a host. Instead, guests were surprised when everyone's favorite idiot, Homer Simpson, took to the screen to open up the night. Safe to say, viewers were left unsatisfied, as the mere 30 second stint didn't distract them from the much-needed host vacancy.


The British Are Coming!

British talent slayed the show last night, making it feel more like a night at the BAFTA's, after accounting for about half of the awards. Fleabag, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and Killing Eve are only few of the U.K triumphs captured yesterday.

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Game Of Thrones Makes History

Safe to say you've either heard of the hit show or are a die hard fan like us. Either way, you're bound to hear the name again after they broke records last night. The GOT cast took to the stage to accept their 12 Emmy's, more than any other fictional series ever, and we couldn't be happier. And no-one will forget Gwendoline Christie's unforgiving Queen of Westeros attire.

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Kardashian Chaos

Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, you've definitely heard of the notorious, showbiz family. Last night, they made headlines, yet again, for their little stint at the awards show last night.

Upon presenting the 'outstanding reality t.v.' award, Kardashian told the crowd, “Our family knows first-hand how truly compelling television comes from real people just being themselves...unfiltered and unscripted." Audience members couldn't help but laugh out loud, literally, as their show isn't quite viewed that way...Awkward.