Elon Musk Is About To Be Homeless. Seriously.

Scarlett Adler

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Reuters / Mike Blake

From quirky baby names to Outerspace endeavors, it's safe to say that the Tesla mastermind is no stranger to gracing our headlines for his bizarre deeds; Perhaps that's why Elon Musk's latest announcement shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

On May 1st, the eccentric billionaire took to his twitter account to drop his latest bombshell: he'd be ditching all of his physical achievements once and for all.

Confused? Allow me to explain. Or better yet, allow his follow-up tweet to do the trick: "Freedom."

You see, according to the outspoken entrepreneur, "I'm slightly sad about it actually, but I think possessions kind of weigh you down," as he told Joe Rogan.

Hilton & Hyland

In fact, just because he's got it all - like multimillion-dollar mansions in Hollywood's hills - doesn't mean he actually, well, has it all: "People say, 'Hey billionaire, you got all this stuff!' Now it's like, 'Well, now I don't have stuff. What are you gonna do?'" he continued.

Well, that was deeper than I expected. But something tells me this is just the beginning of Musk's shocking adventures. Seriously, I'd stay tuned if I were you.