Elizabeth Olsen Put in the “Hot Seat” With Lie Detector


| LAST UPDATE 05/18/2022

By Arianna Morgan
Elizabeth Olsen Lie Detector
Noam Galai via Getty Images for Disney

Elizabeth Olsen might have been a little too honest in her lie detector test with Vanity Fair, and her superpowers were not there to help her get through it! The WandaVision star revealed some hilarious truths during her polygraph test, specifically about some fellow Hollywood stars, Chris Evans and Danielle Haim.

Vanity Fair's Lie Detector series puts Hollywood stars in the "hot seat" and gives them the "chance to prove themselves with a bonafide lie sector test." The celebrities answer various questions, from their professional working life to the intimacies of their love life (and everything in-between). Stars from Melissa McCarthy to Shawn Mendes and 50 Cent have all been subject to this clever segment, and recently Elizabeth Olsen had her turn in the hot seat.

Elizabeth Olsen Chris Evans
Alberto E. Rodriguez via Getty Images for Disney
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The interviewer started off with a bang asking Olsen if she believes she's a "better actor" than her high school friend, Danielle Haim, who recently had a small role in Licorice Pizza. The Marvel star immediately replied "Yeah" with a big laugh, saying, "Sorry. Sorry, Danielle. I hope she'd agree." Well, that's not awkward at all. The polygraph detector attendance called out the Olsen sister for "lying about liking the film or her acting," to which she responded, "F--k, man. Sorry, Danielle," she said. "You did great. I don't know what's happening. It's so uncomfortable right now." Unfortunately, it didn't end there, and things just got more cringe-worthy - and hilarious!

Olsen was later asked about her "very close" friendship with former Avengers: Endgame co-star Chris Evans, to which she revealed they while were close during that time, and though she still "likes him," they don't hang out as they used to. The interviewer continues asking the hard-hitting questions about her relationship with Evans, to which she said, "I mean, we're friends. I don't know why I'm acting like he's dead. We're friends, but, like, we just don't hang out anymore." However, things did feel like they were on the up and up when she was asked about how she felt about Evans' tap dancing abilities, to which she responded, "No, that's one of the things I like about him." A gentle reminder to stay far away from a polygraph machine and that a reunion might be in order for these two! Stay tuned.

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