Dwayne Johnson Gets Pranked by Daughter, Again


| LAST UPDATE 08/30/2022

By Riley Hammond
dwayne johnson daughter instagram
Kevin Winter / Staff via Getty Images

It's almost hard to believe that former WWE champ The Rock would have to worry about keeping his guard up in his own house - and all because of peanut butter threats. Unfortunately, he recently fell victim to one of his daughter's pranks involving the salty spread, and the world got to see it go down on social media.

The Skyscraper actor shared a hilarious video on Instagram, featuring himself sitting on a chair with his eyes closed. His giggling 6-year-old daughter, Jasmine, appears to be standing in front of her dad, holding a large piece of aluminum foil with peanut butter spread all over it. Eyes closed, the 49-year-old tells his daughter: "I trust you... Jazzy..." as he laughs nervously, adding, "I hear a lot of foil." And he guessed right. "I hear a lot of -" SPLAT. The Rock hadn't even finished his sentence before his daughter ambushed him with the peanut butter, laughing hysterically. "Oh my God," Dwayne laughed as he peeled the foil off his face (below).

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Fans in the comments section of the video were laughing with him. The adorable father-daughter moment gained a lot of admiration among the actor's followers, with people praising Johnson for his paternal skills. "You're the coolest Dad I know," wrote one person, adding several emojis ranging from laughs to hearts to applause. Another commenter posted four laughing emojis, writing, "that's the laugh of pure joy." Others enjoyed the humor of the moment, with one user joking, "He does not trust her anymore," and another teasing, "And he smelled like peanut butter for the next week."

dwayne johnson prank daughter
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor via Getty Images

The award-winner actor joined in on the fun himself. "You'd think after all this time, I'd learn my lesson of playing my little tornado's favorite game, 'Daddy Close Your Eyes,'" he joked in the video's caption. "What a fool I am." The rest of the lengthy caption reads, "(one day they'll be grown & gone, and smashing the **** outta daddy's face with peanut butter is the last thing they'll want to do - so while they still love hanging out with daddy ~ bring on the peanut butter!!" Leave it to the Central Intelligence funny guy to bond with his daughter through moments like this. We love to see it. Until the next prank, stay tuned!

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