Dwayne Johnson Transforms Into 'Dwanta' for the Holidays


| LAST UPDATE 12/31/2022

By Tabitha Woodcock
Dwayne Johnson Christmas Instagram
@therock via Instagram

What can we say except you're welcome? We have just surpassed the most joyous holiday, and celebrities went all out this year. Families love to get involved in Christmas activities, whether it's morning rituals or putting an elf on the shelf. However, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson got himself in a not-so-macho and different Christmas shenanigan. Take a look.

The Baywatch star is your typical girl dad. He does pretty much everything for his two youngest daughters, Tia (4) and Jasmine (7). In previous cases, we have seen the muscle-manic father get into full Moana swing, singing the iconic song You're Welcome. Plus, he loves to get them involved in his intense during workout sessions, where he prefers to curl his daughters rather than a 14kg dumbbell. Johnson might be everything macho on the outside, but when it comes to his family, he's a real softy and a pushover. That being said, after waking up his daughters on Christmas morning with surprise guinea pigs, his daughters returned the favor with a surprise of their own for their 6ft 4 dad.

Dwayne Johnson Christmas Daughter Makeover
@therock via Instagram
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Johnson recently uploaded content showing his 'little tornados' giving him quite the Christmas makeover. The Black Adam actor is seen wearing a blonde wig put into pigtails with blue and pink dip-dye while a gorgeous tiara sat in the middle of his head. As his daughters continue to paint his face, Johnson says, "Wow. Do you have to press that hard?" We could say super strength runs in the family. His daughter, Jasmine, replied, "Yes, it's part of the makeup." While Johnson was completely blindsided by what was going on, he questioned, "Do I look cool? Promise me that I look cool... I need a tutu, I also need my dignity." The makeover clearly went on for some time, as he had to split it into two uploads. One video captioned, "First morning back home with my tornados and by 8am they insisted on giving "Dwanta Claus a makeover before Christmas." I haven't seen myself in the mirror yet but if I look as cool as I FEEL RIGHT NOW, then IM WINNING BABY... Dwanta needs a tutu… and his DIG-NUH-DEE." He continued to mock his size, writing, "But the tutu would only fit over ONE of Dwanta's legs... Dwanta's head was so big we couldn't get the tutu down to his neck so he was forced to wear it like a crown." Thank goodness for his sense of humor!

Dad's, take notes! Besides his daughters, there's always one guy we can count on to help The Rock break his classic alpha character. Thankfully, he celebrated with his good friend Kevin Hart in the "most weird way possible." And we love to see it! Stay weird!

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