Drew Barrymore Jokes That She 'Stalked' Adam Sandler Before They Worked Together


| LAST UPDATE 04/12/2021

By Scarlett Adler
Drew Barrymore Stalked Sandler
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Long before we watched them enjoy a lot of first dates (50, to be exact) or get into trouble with their blended families, Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler's on-screen reality looked very different. Of course, we're talking about their breakout movie together, The Wedding Singer, which officially put their names on the map.

Drew Barrymore, Adam Sandler
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Lucky for us, Drew Barrymore just gave us a backstage pass to the classic 1998 rom-com. And from the sound of it? Perhaps the real action was going on when the cameras weren't rolling. Well, at least where Drew Barrymore was concerned.

Drew Barrymore, Wedding Singer
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What’d she have to say for herself? For starters, Barrymore is just as convinced as we are that she and Sandler make a perfect on-screen match. So much so that she once took matters into her own hands to make it happen. “I stalked Adam Sandler because I was convinced we were supposed to work together,” she told Vanity Fair before starring alongside him in The Wedding Singer.

Drew Barrymore, Adam Sandler
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Sure, they may have looked like night and day, as Drew would happily remind us: "I had purple hair and a leopard coat. He was dressed like a jock," the actress hilariously confessed. Nonetheless, the opposites certainly managed to attract. And, well, the rest is now history.

Drew Barrymore, Adam Sandler
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Sure enough, several decades and blockbusters later, and we simply can’t get enough of the on-screen duo. “All I can say to him is: I was right!” Barrymore joked about her former, um, sleuthing skills. “We have made three films now over the course of 20 years, and I love him today as much as ever.” Same, Drew, same.

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Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore
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We don't know about you guys, but suddenly we can't wait for another Barrymore-Sandler reunion on our screen. As for when their next collaboration might be? We guess only time will tell. Until then? it looks like 50 First Dates (and The Wedding Singer... and Blended, of course) will have to hold us over in the meantime. Stay tuned guys.