Drew Barrymore Has Hilariously Relatable Fangirl Moment


| LAST UPDATE 02/28/2022

By Lily Tipton
drew barrymore penn badgley
Christopher Polk / Staff via Getty Images

Drew Barrymore is no stranger to fame. Since her big-screen debut in Ken Russell's Altered States at the age of five, Drew has been a global celebrity -rubbing shoulders on a daily basis with all of Hollywood's most famous and glamorous. So, when Drew Barrymore received a surprise video call on her daytime talk show from YOU star Penn Badgley, you'd think she'd be able to keep her cool. Well, you'd be wrong.

In the HYSTERICAL exchange (see below) from The Drew Barrymore Show, Drew's guest Danielle Schneider announced she had a surprise for the host to thank her for appearing on her podcast. "I wanted to give you something bigger, so I decided I needed to give you, YOU," she teased, followed by a suspenseful pause and many confused faces across the panel. "And by you, I mean Penn Badgley!" she laughed. On cue, Penn appeared in a video call on screen: "is this where I say something?" he joked.

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And with that simple line, absolute chaos broke out in the studio. To the complete shock of the Gossip Girl star, Penn Badgley laughed as he watched Drew Barrymore and co-host Casey Wilson completely lose their minds at his surprise debut. After screaming like schoolgirls, the team threw their papers and magazines up in the air and could be seen jumping over their desk and landing head first on the floor in excitement. "I'm blushing! This is genuinely crazy!" Penn exclaimed!

Penn Badgley, You Netflix
Slaven Vlasic via Getty Images

Once the group gathered themselves together, they begen their somewhat calmer conversation with Penn. "We love you!! declared Drew. "I can't believe we're talking to you; this is so crazy!" she continued. Of all the people for Drew to fangirl over, you wouldn't expect it to be the actor who plays a devilish stalker/serial-killer mastermind on the Netflix show, You. "I wish you would stand outside my window and care about what I was thinking and behaving and feeling," Drew joked to Penn. Casey could also be heard shouting in the background, "Kill me, Penn! Kill me, Penn!" Believe it or not, Drew is one of many celebrities to declare their love for the YOU star. We guess the heart wants what it wants? LOL.

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