Dax Shepard's Hilarious Adele Moment is Going Viral


| LAST UPDATE 07/22/2021

By Kayla Black
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Amy Sussman / Staff via Getty Images

From red carpets to fancy cars, celebrities aren't usually the most relatable people on the planet, but once in a while they show us that they're really just like us. And Dax Shepard was the perfect example of this with his recent hilarious Instagram post.

dax shepard funny adele
Instagram via @daxshepard

The 46-year-old actor has clearly had some chillaxing time with his family recently and decided to share a highlight with his 3.4 million followers. The Spin the Wheel host was caught driving an RV and belting out Adele's classic tune, Hello, with his daughter in the passenger seat. And while many of us prefer to keep our car karaoke performances on the down-low, Dax couldn't wait to share it with the world and topped it off with a cute caption. "Heaven is a place on a twisty two lane mountain pass where screaming @adele with your daughter is required," the Armchair Expert podcast host wrote.

This ultimate dad-life moment was an instant hit upon uploading. In just one day, the post racked in over 1.5 million views and hasn't shown signs of slowing down. And some of the comedic actor's followers had some love to show in the comments section. "This is everything," one user wrote. And one person even had some wisdom to pass on. "Love it. Enjoy every moment. They will be in college before u know it," another shared. Plus, @lsll had a funny take to add. "Ummm...this is obviously one of the top three reasons to have a child," they wrote. "Its pretty hard to top car concerts with your biggest fan club." It seemed as though despite the A-lister celeb status, Dax was living the regular dad life, and loving every second of it.

celebrities funny dad moments
Instagram via @kristenanniebell

And it wouldn't be a one-off occasion, either. According to Today, the Parenthood actor shared the big news that he and his wife had acquired a huge RV during the pandemic to provide some safe family fun for his two daughters. And based on the video, the kids are big fans. Dax revealed that the vehicle came stacked with a washer, dryer, and beds for the whole family, making it the ideal getaway vehicle to escape their busy Hollywood lives.

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