David Schwimmer Trolls Jennifer Aniston’s Steamy Snap


| LAST UPDATE 09/08/2022

By Tabitha Woodcock
Schwimmer Anniston Instagram Friends
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It's the on-off relationship no one can get enough of - and it seems like Schwimmer and Aniston feel the same way! Since the end of Friends, the cast has always graced their beloved fans and reunited in some form. Whether this was a televised reunion or social media, Schwimmer recently decided to troll his old co-star for old time's sake!

It's been 18 years since we last saw the dynamic duo on our screens. Yet, it seems they always find a way to come back to each other, and our 2000s selves are screaming right now! If we need a little nostalgia, we can always turn to Instagram or old film stars who enjoy posting iconic quotes from their films. Take Alicia Silverstone, for example, as she loves to continuously share some of her best Cher moments, whether through dress-up or voice-overs. This time, the lovebirds of Central Perk have returned to our screens. On September 5th, Jennifer Aniston posted a shower photo to Instagram, clearly teasing something new in her career as she captioned, "Something's coming 9.8.22." Only the real Friends fans will understand how and why Schwimmer responded the way he did...

Rachel Ross Friends Instagram
@jenniferaniston via Instagram
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While Aniston fans excitedly flooded her comment section, Schwimmer had other plans. As we travel back to season 5, Ross has just moved into ugly naked guy's apartment, directly across from Monica and Rachel's. Considering Ross and Rachel's history, Schwimmer's overly confident character believed his ex-lover was enticing him into her apartment as she strolled around her empty apartment freely. Regarding Aniston's shower post caption, Schwimmer quickly responded with his own post, with the caption reading, "@jenniferaniston - a towel I hope??" Aniston was astonished, and her reaction was pure genius as she commented, "Schwim!? Trying to steal my thunder!?" Fans were going crazy for the online interaction, as one user commented, "See ? He's her lobster," while another pointed out, "come on, I thought you guys were on a break?" One thing is for sure; the Green/Geller humor has not left us just yet! They've still got it.

Who doesn't love a Ross and Rachel moment? We can only dream of a spin-off where we see them living next door to Monica and Chandler while crazy aunt Phoebe makes sporadic appearances. Until then, no one told us it would be this way. So, we will be sitting behind our screens patiently waiting for more Friends moments like this! 

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