David Duchovny Auditioned for Every Role on 'Full House'


| LAST UPDATE 10/22/2021

By Molly Houghton
David Duchovny Ellen DeGeneres
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David Duchovny is here to remind us that we've all been there. That's right - even a Golden Globe-winning actor doesn't always go home feeling like a winner. The Hollywood icon learned that the hard way after auditioning for Full House and getting rejected... from every single role. Read on for all of the hilarious details.

Duchovny Full House Auditions
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The X-Files star recently appeared on The Ellen Show and shared an inside scoop into life pre-fame. Apparently, Duchovny was so desperate for a gig he even auditioned for the role of Michelle Tanner; the Olsen twins were just tough competition. "You tried out for every male character of Full House," Ellen commented. "Yeah, I tried out for Full House for like all three of them and the little girls," David teased.

David Duchovny Full House
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He added, "It was my first time out in L.A., and they brought me out for different shows, and I ended with the Full House stuff. And they just kept on trying to plug me into different characters, and clearly, I was wrong for every single one of them." Happens to the best of us, David. The funny guy also revealed one of his guilty pleasures: watching the reality tv show The Bachelor.

David Duchovny Ellen Show
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"They're proud of you," DeGeneres happily told her guest after the audience showered him in applause for being a Bachelor fan. Duchovny hilariously responded, "I mean, that's nice, but sadly, that's the only applause that's happened since I got here." Gotta love a good self-roaster. The 61-year-old then admitted the real reason why he watches the hit series: to gauge his daughter's taste in men.

David Duchovny daughter, West
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"I watched The Bachelor with my daughter; when she was younger more than now. Because I'd watch her watch The Bachelor and see what dudes she was gonna be into... See if her instincts were good," David confessed. And while the actor said his daughter's instincts were "fine," he added that she's now in a lovely relationship - and he won't be thanking the popular show for it. "I don't want to give any credit at all to The Bachelor for that," Duchovny clarified.

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The two friends later played Ellen's "Two Lies and a Truth," and, well, you might want to check that one out for yourself. Spoiler alert: David once had a very interesting experience with some British royalty.

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