David Dobrik Can Make a Totally Normal House Tour Hilarious

Taran Underwood

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YouTube star David Dobrik recently opened the doors of his home to Architectural Digest for their digital series 'Open Door'. The series takes you inside the homes of some of your favorite celebrities, think MTV Cribs but shorter and on YouTube. The visit to Dobrik's house will definitely make you question your life choices, since the 22 year old's digs are probably way nicer than most regular 9-5 workers twice his age. But luckily, Dobrik is great at keeping things light, starting from the moment he tries to convince the crew that the iPad on his wall is only so that he can play Angry Birds while his assistant ties his shoes.

Oh, and he also showed off his flamethrower without any advanced warning. That's right, he owns his own flame thrower. Is that a good idea? Well, who can say. The most we can hope for is that this young man has good insurance. But luckily he's charismatic enough to get away with a surprise flame burst, and if not he has a back up plan.

That's right, apparently Dobrik has an agreement with his favorite restaurant, Chipotle, that allows him to get free burritos. So, in an effort to smooth things over with the crew, he had the shoot catered by the fast casual restaurant. It shouldn't be too surprising that the tour is this entertaining, considering Dobrik's status as a master of entertaining YouTube videos, but it's just nice to know he's also an incredibly generous host.