Here's What David Beckham Had to Say About His Sons New Hairdo


| LAST UPDATE 05/11/2021

By Kayla Black
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Clearly, fame does not save you from getting roasted by Dad. Romeo Beckham himself is also no stranger to being the subject of fatherly humiliation. The 18-year-old took to Instagram to show off his new hair style. But what would social media be without an embarrassing comment from Papa? But before we get to that, we need to rewind a little bit and remind you that this isn't the first time Davey has trolled his son.

David Beckham Romeo Instagram
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Incase you need a little background, the 18-year-old model is the second of 4 kids in the Beckham family. And while Mom and Dad could be considered royalty in the UK, they were not going to let their fame get to their children's heads. The solution? A relentless stream of cringe dad-jokes. Well, cringe-worthy for the kids... Hilarious for us. Romeo was not the only victim of these comedic digs, his eldest brother also shared in the embarrassment. Brooklyn's been the brunt of some hysterical burns over the years, including one famous incident in particular. Back in 2015, the eldest son jumped on Instagram to announce his milestone of reaching 1 million followers... Only to have his Dad crash the video and remind his son that he already had 52 million!

Despite being thought of as a typical out-of-date dad by his kids, David was set on reminding them just how influential he was. From calling out Brooklyn for nabbing clothes from his closet, to the latest dig at Romeo, this Papa would not let his cool factor go unnoticed. The 18-year-old model uploaded a series of pictures on Instagram to commemorate his new look: Platinum blonde hair. The 4 pictures have racked up nearly 450,000 likes and climbing, but leave it to Dad to burst that bubble. The soccer legend brought his son riiiiight back down to Earth with his comment, "Nice hair❤️ @romeobeckham I wonder where u got that idea from." Ouch!

As many fans of the former footballer know, David rocked the platinum look back in the 2000s, and while his blonde days were over, he sure had to let the world know just what a trendsetter he was. Romeo's mom, Victoria Beckham also jumped in the son's comments, adding her significantly less embarrassing stamp of approval for the new look. Nice try Mum, but the damage was already done.

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Beckham Trolls Sons Instagram
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While David Beckham added another victim to his burn list, he certainly carved a name for himself in the Dad Jokes hall of fame, alongside Will Smith and his parody of son Jaden's music video. Watch out Beckham sibs, no one is safe!