Dave Franco Shares Hilarious Unseen Footage of His Wife


| LAST UPDATE 01/12/2023

By Tabitha Woodcock
Dave Franco Alison Brie Funny
@alisonbrie via Instagram

Can we talk about Dave Franco and Alison Brie for a second? The couple has gone from strength the strength since tying the knot. As well, there's nothing better than taking a trip down memory lane to make it all worthwhile. Now, this is love. Here's a look at their recent hilarious exchange.

Back in 2017, Franco and Brie officially tied the knot. While they have both been involved in the acting industry for quite some time, we can only wonder what took them so long to get together! They're a match made in heaven. Then again, we all know good things take time. As they have blossomed in their marriage, they have also joined forces with their upcoming film, Somebody That I Used To Know, written collectively and directed by Franco. Now that's what we call teamwork. If they can work through a big motion picture together, it seems they have proved they can get through almost anything. Not even an over-expression of love could scare Franco away. That being said, Franco recently shared this exact embarrassing footage, and it's worth the listen.

Dav Franco Alison Brie Instagram
@alisonbrie via Instagram
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Let's go back to 2013 when the Jump Street and Get Hard actors were at the peak of their honeymoon phase. Ahead of the release of the couple's new trailer, they published a video on Instagram discussing the new romantic comedy. Franco noted, "The whole thing just has us feeling nostalgic for when we first met, and we found an old voice recording from 10 years ago... This is a real recording of Alison expressing her love for me." This isn't a regular lovey-dovey voice note, but it seems Franco caught his wife at her best after she had a little too much to drink. Franco is heard in the clip asking his wife, "what are you saying?" However, the Spin Me Around star couldn't quite get her words out correctly, aimlessly saying, "I'm just saying it's Doug-way to proo-penographer-croup at the race-drah... It's droit and fift," Brie continues. Franco couldn't hold back the laughter, and once again, has to ask what she was trying to say. She responds once again, "It's arum-aiding the knifest cause he's character of his droof…" The two are heard in fits of giggles. It's too cute, we want a love just like this. You know how it is, it's not easy to say 'I love you,' but Alison struggled a little more than expected.

While the two have confessed to sharing a love for romantic comedies, this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic delaying the production, Brie told People, "It's been a really great creative outlet for us and a way to feel productive during this time." Thankfully, we have their upcoming movie to look forward to. Until then, stay tuned for more laughs.

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