Dan and Eugene Levy Set to Release a Schitt's Creek Tell-All Book


| LAST UPDATE 06/03/2021

By Scarlett Adler
Schitts creek, cast, book

This is not a drill: There's more Schitt's Creek headed our way. That's right, go and grab the champagne (and raisins, of course) because we're officially headed back to, well, Schitt's Creek.

Schitts creek, Book, Levy
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Yes, really. Our favorite father-son duo has got some pretty big plans in store for the rest of us. "We are thrilled at Black Dog & Leventhal to be part of the phenomenon," publisher Kristin Kiser gushed to EW of Eugene and Dan Levy's latest endeavor: a book. But not just any book.

Titled, Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: The Story of Schitt's Creek, the beloved actors are planning to drop a tell-all book about their time on our screens. From character profiles (including, of course, the one and only Moira Rose) to backstage secrets, the upcoming memoir will certainly be one for the books (had to).

Schitts creek, Memoir, Upcoming

But the fun doesn't end there. We'll also be landing an exclusive first look at David's famous knits and Moira's endless wig collection - "complete, illustrated catalogs" of both, as the publisher promised. We wonder if that include's Moira's wig wall? We certainly hope so.

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As for when we'll get to join in on the fun ourselves? Unfortunately, we're going to have to wait a while. According to Black Dog & Leventhal, the upcoming coffee table book will be available for purchase starting only October 26. (Cue David Rose's, "Oh my God.")

Schitts creek, Levy, Book

But no need to freak out just yet. Lucky for us, the memoir is already available for pre-order. For just $40/hardcover or $16.99/e-book on the publisher's website, you can get your hands on the upcoming read while we wait for its official release.

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Schitts creek, book, upcoming

"What a treat for acquiring BDL publishing director Becky Koh and the rest of the team to get an up-close-and-personal peek into Dan and Eugene Levy's singular creative vision," Kristin Kiser gushed of the upcoming adventure. Safe to say, October 26 officially can't come any sooner.

Until then, stay tuned - and excuse us while we rehash these other unknown secrets from our other favorite tv-shows.