29+ of The Cutest Celeb Pet Social Accounts


| LAST UPDATE 11/07/2022

By Malikah Mcintosh

In recent years, celebrities' furry companions have garnered attention because who can resist a cute pet pic?! Here are the celeb dogs and cats with major Instagram followings, just like Mom or Dad.

Lady Gaga's Dog, Miss Asia

Like her mom, Lady Gaga, Miss Asia is a celebrity in her own right. She has been featured on the cover of the Harper’s Bazaar Iconic Women’s issue and was the face of Coach Pup’s Fall 2015 Collection.

French Bulldog Lady GagaFrench Bulldog Lady Gaga
@missasiaxoxo via Instagram

She has 219k followers on Instagram and is even verified. The French Bulldog does not let fame get to her head, though. She takes time out of her day to wish her mom a happy birthday and celebrate the holidays with her dog siblings, Koji and Gustav.

Paris Hilton's Many Pets

They live in a dog mansion worth over $300,000, have more designer bags than they know what to do with, and ride in the most incredible cars, which are usually pink. Paris Hilton’s dogs have their own dedicated Instagram account called @hiltonpets.

Paris Hilton Dog MansionParis Hilton Dog Mansion
@hiltonpets via Instagram

Some of the Hilton pets can add actors to their resumes. They are also now featured alongside their mom in the latest ad campaign for the hotel chain. Their account on Instagram is verified, and they have amassed a following of 78.9k! Watch them participate in viral trends on TikTok, where they also have an account.

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Andy Cohen's Dog, Wacha

Wacha Cohen has a blue check next to her name and has earned every follower. With awe-worthy shots of her in the snow to cozying up on the couch with her dad, Bravo TV personality Andy Cohen, her Instagram is filled with adorable-ness.

Andy Cohen Hugging DogAndy Cohen Hugging Dog
@therealwacha via Instagram

She was rescued from a kill shelter in West Virginia and now loves to promote the hashtag #adoptdontshop on her page. She even did an ad campaign with PurinaOne. When she is not modeling for the camera, she enjoys hanging out with her dad’s best friend and CNN News Anchor, Anderson Cooper.

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Katy Perry's Dog, Nugget

Not everyone can be as lucky as Nugget with their debut role in entertainment. The micro teacup Poodle was the music video star for the single “Small Talk.”  She appeared alongside her pop star mom, Katy Perry. The entertainment bug seemed to get her. 

Katy Perry Dog PosingKaty Perry Dog Posing
@missnuggetperry via Instagram

Nugget starred in a national commercial campaign for Citi’s Double Cash credit card. Katy was also featured, but Nugget stole the show. The canine has also helped promote her mom’s music in the past, and with a face as cute as hers and a 39.9k following, it only makes sense for her to lend a hand – or a paw.

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Nina Dobrev’s Dog, Maverick

Maverick makes it very clear in her Instagram bio that she has no interest in anyone else but her mom. Who can blame her? When mom is The Vampire Diaries actress Nina Dobrev, there is no reason to look for anyone else! Maverick has over 450k followers, and for a good reason, she is an absolute star.

Nina Dobrev Dog BeachNina Dobrev Dog Beach
@mrs.maverick via Instagram

She starred in Jonathan Wilson’s music video “In Heaven Making Love” with her mom. She helps out on set, dresses up in costumes, and spends time with the Olympic Gold Medalist Snowboarder Shaun White. Even though she has a blue check mark next to her name, Maverick is still humble.

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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s Dog, Diana

Diana Chopra Jonas may be familiar. She is a rescue and is thought to be a chihuahua-terrier mix. Oh, and she is the dog daughter of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. Over the years, she has amassed a following of 157k on Instagram. Her mom chronicles her daily life using the handle @diariesofdiana.

Priyanka Chopra Dog BedPriyanka Chopra Dog Bed
@diariesofdiana via Instagram

She teamed up with the Baywatch star to help promote Bon V!V, which Chopra is the creative advisor for the brand. When she is not matching outfits with Chopra or hard at work posing for the camera, Diana loves to curl up into a ball and play with her younger siblings.

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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s Dog, Gino

Gino the German, which he is cleverly called on his Instagram handle, is a German Shepherd and quite the star. He regularly poses for his mom, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, and dad, Nick Jonas. He has done photoshoots with his rockstar dad, including one for People Magazine.

German Shepherd Nick JonasGerman Shepherd Nick Jonas
@ginothegerman via Instagram

He has rocked threads from DSquared2. Sometimes there is competition between Gino and his older sister, Diana. With 269k followers, Gino has a much bigger following than his sister, which Nick says causes tension between them. Hopefully, they will not pick too much of a bone about it. 

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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s Dog, Panda

Panda Chopra Jonas is a stunner. The rescue pup has two different colored eyes, one brown and one blue. They believe he is a husky-Australian shepherd mix, but it does not matter what he is because he is simply delightful. He is the latest addition to the Chopra Jonas family.

Pomski Dog Nick JonasPomski Dog Nick Jonas
@pandathepunk via Instagram

He immediately got his own Instagram account and currently has 61.7k followers. It seems like it took him no time to get used to the jet-setting life of his family. He seems to have an adventurous spirit. His Instagram bio states, “I’m so excited to see the world.” The feeling is mutual!

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Megan Thee Stallion’s Dog, 4oe

It is always a #hotdogsummer for French bulldog 4oe. Mom, Megan Thee Stallion, supports her pup in everything he wants. From appearing beside her in a Sports Illustrated photo shoot to starring alongside her in their very own Snapchat series entitled Off Thee Leash with Megan Thee Stallion.

Megan Thee Stallion DogMegan Thee Stallion Dog
@frenchie4oe via Instagram

The series follows Stallion as she invites friends and their pets to hang out. 4oe is not the only pup in the family. Except he is the one with an Instagram following of 614k and a barking career. He has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and even has his very own clothing collection, which is available for purchase on his mom’s website.

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Lily Collin’s Dog, Redford

Redford is more recognized than his mom, actress Lily Collins. Fans stopped her on the streets of Paris, where she was filming her hit Netflix series Emily in Paris, and asked if this was Redford and were so excited to see him. Who can blame them? He is a cutie pie!

Lily Collins Dog ParisLily Collins Dog Paris
@redforddog via Instagram

When he is not flying across the world for filming or hanging out with actor friend Ted Danson, Redford enjoys taking naps and lots of them. He also helps support the Love Leo Rescue organization that helped him find his home. The pug-terrier mix has 77.7k followers, and with each post, that number and his influence are bound to grow.

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Justin Theroux’s Dog, Kuma

Kuma Theroux is dedicated to helping others, just like she was helped by her actor dad, Justin Theroux. The pit bull mix was adopted by The Leftovers star from a high-kill shelter. Now, she likes to spread the word about rescuing and adopting pets to her 69.2k followers on Instagram.  

Justin Theroux Pit BullJustin Theroux Pit Bull
@kumatheroux via Instagram

She even wrote “helping people help animals who help people” in her bio. She sure has won the heart of her dad, who regularly takes her on trips to amazing places and plans dinners for the two of them. Kuma even got a shoutout from Jennifer Aniston, who was previously married to Theroux.

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Olivia Culpo and Christian McCaffrey’s Dog, Oliver Sprinkles

Oliver Sprinkles Culpo McCaffrey is quite a handful of a name for such a little dog. The toy golden doodle is an internet sensation. With 21.1k followers and the cutest outfits, it is hard not to notice this pup. Oliver Sprinkles enjoys posing with his mom’s designer bags and wearing the cutest outfits, always.

Olivia Culpo Cute DogOlivia Culpo Cute Dog
@oliversprinkles via Instagram

Some of his hobbies include belly rubs and rolling in deer poop, according to his Instagram bio. He really is a stunner, which makes sense when his mom is Olivia Culpo, a former Miss Universe, and his dad is Christian McCaffrey, NFL running back for the Carolina Panthers. Oliver Sprinkles lives in his own spotlight!

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Mark Wahlberg’s Dog, Champ

Champ Wahlberg really is the champ of the household. His dad, actor Mark Wahlberg, told the cameras on his reality show Wahl Street that Champ is still not potty trained. The Pomeranian pup definitely has a sense of humor, often found barking and having fun with his brother, Jojo.

Pomeranian Mark Wahlberg ChampPomeranian Mark Wahlberg Champ
@champeranian via Instagram

Champ is always sporting a fresh haircut, which makes sense. He must keep appearances up for his 86.4k followers on Instagram. When he is not causing complete havoc, the pup loves sneakers, relaxing in one of his many beds, and hanging out with the fam.

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Mark Wahlberg’s Dog, Jojo

One dog was apparently not enough for the Wahlberg family. They introduced Jojo to the clan and Instagram. The Pomeranian-husky mix has about 7,000 followers on Instagram. While he has much catching up to do to reach his older brother's influence, Jojo surely already knows how to be the best dog.

Pomski Couch Mark WahlbergPomski Couch Mark Wahlberg
@jojo.thepomski via Instagram

The pomski is often featured in Champ's Instagram posts and has been a fantastic addition. He is a speedy runner and loves playing around with his older brother, Champ. Recently, the brothers had a relaxing day at the pool, splashing around and having fun.

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Carrie Fisher’s Dog, Gary

His Instagram bio says he is "the dopest dog in the galaxy." It seems that people agree. With a blue check next to his name and 162k followers, Gary Fisher is truly the dopest dog in the entire galaxy. The French bulldog was owned initially by Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher.

French Bulldog Tongue OutFrench Bulldog Tongue Out
@garyfisher via Instagram

Gary's tongue is constantly sticking out, which is almost as iconic as the buns that his mom sported in her iconic role as Princess Leia. He now resides in Florida with Fisher's former assistant, Corby McCoin. Not a day goes by that his mom is not on his mind, often hashtagging #garyloveshismom.

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Amanda Seyfried’s Dog, Finn

Having a momager is common in the entertainment industry. Just ask the Kardashian sisters, but Finn Seyfried does not seem to mind. With a following of 74.6k on Instagram, his mom, actress Amanda Seyfried, seems to be taking good care of his career.

Amanda Seyfried Dog SelfieAmanda Seyfried Dog Selfie
@finnsite via Instagram

The Australian shepherd is a happy pup who loves to goof around on set, takes part in photoshoots with his mom, and hang out with his furry friends. He is an extremely handsome boy who always participates in the shenanigans his mom likes to do, like putting on high heels or funky hats.

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Trey Songz’s Dog, Kane

Being the heir to an empire must be a lot of pressure, yet Kane Songz seems to be handling it quite well. The Frenchton is the dog son of the R&B singer Trey Songz. The "Say Aah" singer takes Kane everywhere with him, like on tour and even to Jimmy Kimmel Live. Nothing seems to stop this jet-setting pup.

Dog Napping City ViewDog Napping City View
@kanesongz via Instagram

His list of achievements does not stop there, though. Kane has collaborated with Casper, the mattress company, and was featured on a Christmas sweater with his dad. He is certainly not camera shy and seems to live for the spotlight. Kane loves a good nap with a view when he is not busy working.

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Lana Condor’s Dog, Emmy

Lil Emmy loves to interact with her audience on Instagram. She often asks them questions in her captions like "What's a movie?" or "What's a Canada?" While she may not seem to understand the world around her, the world is obsessed with her. The pup already has 39.4k followers on Instagram.

Lana Condor Dog EmmyLana Condor Dog Emmy
@lilyemmythepup via Instagram

Emmy may not know what the movie industry is, but her actress mom, Lana Condor, and musician slash actor dad, Anthony De La Torre, named her after a special night. The Emmy Awards show! Which is the night they met. Nevertheless, Emmy seems to care more about her toys, napping, and snuggling with her parents than any awards.

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Shawn Booth’s Dog, Walter

Walter may live far from Hollywood in Nashville, Tennessee, but that does not interfere with him being an absolute star. The golden retriever is crushing the game with 70.5k followers on Instagram and his very own TikTok. His dad, Bachelorette winner Shawn Booth, is a personal trainer and shares many adventures with his pup.

Golden Retriever Snow WalterGolden Retriever Snow Walter
@walterboothdog via Instagram

Walty, Waller, Wallaby, and Wally are the nicknames listed on his Instagram bio. This handsome pup seems to be one of the best in the game. He has worked with Febreze and always creates funny content to share with his fans. Definitely not a "ruff" life.

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Bobby Flay’s Cat, Nacho

This orange Maine coon cat has got a lot going on. From his very own cat food line to answering questions for fans, Nacho Flay has figured out how to be a celebrity. He has a verified account and 253k followers on Instagram. He probably gets some help from his dad, celebrity chef Bobby Flay.

Nacho Flay Snuggling BobbyNacho Flay Snuggling Bobby
@nachoflay via Instagram

His food brand is called Made by Nacho and calls itself "cat-crafted cat food." Made by Nacho recipes are inspired by Nacho's dad's work, and Nacho ensures that each dish is made with the best ingredients from around the globe. When the feline is not busy with work, he likes to hang out with his dad and listen to music.

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Bobby Flay’s Cat, Stella

Living in the shadow of a successful older sibling is hard, but Stella Flay handles it exceptionally well. While her follower count is not as big, and there is no blue check mark next to her name, Stella is still a fabulous feline who supports her brother in all his endeavors.

Cat Stella Flay PosingCat Stella Flay Posing
@stella.flay via Instagram

The brown tabby Maine coon is a regular feature in Nacho's Instagram posts, and she happily takes the spotlight on her page. Stella loves spending time with Nacho when he is not busy running his business. The two can be seen cuddling and hunting chipmunks together. 

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Giana De Laurentiis’s Dogs and Cats, Ollie, Bruno, Luna and Bella

Ollie, Bruno, Luna, and Bella make up Giada's Zoo. All four pet siblings share an Instagram account that documents their adventures together. They love to share the trouble they get in, their fun outings, and a lot of napping positions on their page, which is aptly described as "Giada's Furry Fam" in the bio.

Dog Cat Staircase GiadaDog Cat Staircase Giada
@giadaszoo via Instagram

 The Food Network personality Giada de Laurentiis has two cats and two dogs. The dogs are Bruno, a Jack Russell terrier, and Ollie. The cats are Luna, a Bengal, and Bella, a ragdoll. The furry family all love to play with each other. Luna once crashed her mom's at-home cooking segment for the Today show.  

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Ed Sheeran’s Cats, Calippo and Dorito

Calippo and Dorito are best friends and share their Instagram. Their page often features the adorable cats lying around the house, exploring new places, or cuddling together. They will even lend a hand to their dad, singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, to promote his music if they feel generous.

Ed Sheeran Calippo DoritoEd Sheeran Calippo Dorito
@thewibbles via Instagram

They have amassed a following of 268k on Instagram for a good reason. They are so much fun to follow. Both of their namesakes are after food. Calippo was named after the frozen UK treat, and Dorito was named after the colorful snack because of his uncanny resemblance to the chip.

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Hailey and Justin Bieber’s Dog, Oskie

Oskie, which is short for Oscar, is one lucky dog. The Maltese Yorkie mix has the coolest parents in town, singing sensation Justin Bieber and model Hailey Bieber. Often seen cuddling with them on his Instagram, it seems Oskie has no complaints.

Justin BIeber Oscar DogJustin BIeber Oscar Dog
@oskietheposkie via Instagram

It is not just all fun and games for this pup, though. With close to a million followers on Instagram, there is a lot of pressure on him to keep his fans happy. His mom and dad constantly feature him in their Instagram posts and stories, and who can blame them?

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Marc Jacob’s Dog, Neville

Neville is a New York icon. The bull terrier can be seen riding in taxis, hanging out with his other four-legged friends, and going for walks in the concrete jungle. He is always the best dressed, but it helps that dad is fashion designer Marc Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs Dog NevilleMarc Jacobs Dog Neville
@nevillejacobs via Instagram

This handsome boy has a following of 185k on Instagram and is also verified. While his bio is simple, stating, "I'm Marc's dog." His life seems anything but that. He hangs out with supermodels like Meghan Roche, did a photoshoot with NYMag, and was the face of a billboard! It seems like NYC and Neville never sleep.

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Kylie Jenner’s Dogs, Normie and Bambi

Norman and Bambi Jenner may have a famous last name, but that does not get in the way of them living their lives. The Italian greyhounds are part of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, belonging to the makeup mogul Kylie Jenner. They always wear the cutest outfits and have mastered the art of posing.

Kylie Jenner Italian GreyhoundsKylie Jenner Italian Greyhounds
@normieandbambijenner via Instagram

It was only a matter of time before they learned how to pose for the camera being a Jenner. In addition to being there for their 343k followers on Instagram, Norman and Bambi are also parents! They had a litter together in 2016, and Jenner welcomed Rosie and Harlie into the family. They really are working like dogs.

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Keegan Allen’s Cat, Tyn

Tyn, pronounced t'eye n, is a sable male Burmese cat. He has 32.5k followers on Instagram and loves to entertain them with funny faces, entertaining videos, and glimpses into his daily life. He even has an entire story highlight dedicated to his human, Keegan Allen.

Keegan Allen Tyn CatKeegan Allen Tyn Cat
@tynthecat via Instagram

The Pretty Little Liars actor makes regular appearances on Tyn's posts. Tyn's mom, the model Ali Collier, also shows up now and then. Tyn has been in magazines, traveled all over, and even been gifted merch from Louis Vuitton. It seems like things are pretty much purr-fect for this feline. 

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Jeremy Shada’s Dogs, Finn and Jake

If Finn and Jake's names sound familiar, it is because they are. Both dogs are named after the main characters in the animated television series Adventure Time. Their dog dad, Jeremy Shada, voices the main character, Finn the Human. They are regularly featured in the vlogs that mom, Carolynn Shada, creates.

Finn Jake Shada CavachonFinn Jake Shada Cavachon
@finnandjakeshada via Instagram

The adorable Cavachons have 49.8k followers on Instagram. They are constantly supporting their dad while he works and promoting his movies and music. Whether playing, sleeping, or going for a boat ride, they always have a good time. They even sign each Instagram from one of them, talking directly to their fans!

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Frankie Grande’s Dog, Appa

The red toy poodle almost looks like a stuffed animal. That is how cute he is. Appa loves everything designer, trips to Disneyland, and dressing up for major occasions, like the holidays and his birthday. It makes sense that he has over 38k followers on Instagram.

Frankie Grande Birthday DogFrankie Grande Birthday Dog
@appagrande via Instagram

His parents, Frankie and Hal Grande give him the best life possible, and it is so fun to take it all in. He loves all things fantasy and was named after the flying bison from the television series, Avatar: The Last Airbender. Although she has not been featured in one of his Instagram posts, his Aunt Ariana must love him too.

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Katie Thurston’s Cat, Tommy

Tommy is a spunky and energetic cat who seems to have the same passion for the camera as his Bachelor and Bachelorette starring mom, Katie Thurston. His Instagram is filled with practically perfect poses as if he was born to be a celeb. Sometimes he shares the spotlight with Katie's former boyfriend's dog, Dexter.

Katie Thurston Tommy CatKatie Thurston Tommy Cat
@tommyandfluff via Instagram

The black and white cat shares his daily life with over 4,000 followers. He loves to cuddle up with mom and take videos with her. If Tommy ever needs a break from posting on his Insta page, his mom is happy to take over and post him on hers.

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