Courtney Cox Hilariously Surprises Fans at Central Perk


| LAST UPDATE 12/01/2022

By Malikah Mcintosh
Courtney Cox friends cast
Michael Tran/Stringer via Getty Images

The one with the photobomb! Actress Courtney Cox gave Friends' fans the ultimate surprise when she photobombed their pictures at the Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, California. Here's a look.

The Friends actress posted a video to her Instagram account showing her photobombing several fans' photos. She says in the clip, "I am working at Warner Brothers, and I thought this is a good time for me to surprise Friends' fans and photobomb their shots." The 58-year-old actress starred as Monica Geller in ten seasons of the iconic sitcom. Friends first premiered in 1994 and aired until 2004 on NBC. Yet all these years later, it has continued to touch many fans' lives as they continue to watch again and again - and new fans are introduced to the gang as they hang out in Central Perk. It is obvious how much people still love the show based on these fans' reactions as they saw Courtney Cox!

Friends cast reunion surprise
Staff via Getty Images
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The iconic orange couch is placed in front of the fountain where the opening sequence was originally shot. So, Cox hid behind the couch and popped up as fans had their photos taken. Then, when they were shown the photos to see if they liked their picture, they saw Cox in the background. One fan immediately started to cry tears of joy and asked, "Is this really happening to us right now?" Another fan exclaimed, "It's Monica!" Everyone was excited and couldn't believe that this was seriously happening. Cox appeared from behind the couch to greet the happy fans and give them hugs. Courtney Cox recently reunited with her other castmates for Friends: The Reunion, a special on HBO Max. The cast reminisced about their time working together and shared fun behind-the-scenes info on the hit series.

Cox captioned her Instagram post, "Don't you hate a photo bomber? #friends." Normally we'd agree with her, but in this case, we totally would love to have Monica Geller in our photos!

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