Watch Courteney Cox Surprise 'Friends' Fans on Set


| LAST UPDATE 10/03/2021

By Molly Houghton
Courteney Cox Surprises Fans
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Ever since Courteney Cox joined Instagram, she's been the gift that keeps on giving. The Friends star might've been late to the game - she only made an account in 2019, after all - but she's been making up for lost time with some LOL-worthy moments filled with nostalgia. Like that time she recreated a legendary scene with singer Ed Sheeran for fans to enjoy. And Courteney's latest upload was no disappointment. Here are all of the hilarious details.

Courteney Cox Visits Friends
Instagram via @courteneycoxofficial

After the actress's latest stunt, Cox has us thinking she might just be a workaholic. While on set filming for her newest project, Shining Vale, Courteney showed fans how she spends a short 1-hour break from filming. Spoiler alert: she's not relaxing. "When's my next scene?" the 57-year-old is seen asking someone. "In an hour," they reply. "Okay, I gotta do my other shift," Cox adds. And so the adventures around the Warner Bros. lot in Los Angeles, California begins.

Courteney Cox Friends Set
Instagram via @courteneycoxofficial

The Hollywood icon made her way. to the Warner Bros. gift shop and helped check out visitors buying things from the Friends part of the souvenir shop. "Do you want me to put it in the same bag or a different bag?" Courteney asks a customer, telling him, "And you get a picture." Safe to say, fans weren't upset about meeting the famous face behind the register. And that's not all Cox had in mind for her 1-hour break from her primary job.

Courteney Cox Central Perk
Getty Images / Handout via Getty Images

After working security at the Warner Bros. lot's drive-through entrance, Courteney brought us major Friends reunion flashbacks by taking a shift at Central Perk. There, she took orders and served customers. "Here you go," she told some visitors sitting inside the famous set replica. "The Rachel and The Monica." We'll take two of those, too, please!

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Finally, Courteney went back to the Shining Vale set just in time for her next scene. "Woo, my shift is over!" the Scream actress exclaimed. Check the hilarious clip out for yourself above. And if you're in need of more Friends content, don't worry - we got you covered. Check out these 29+ Untold Secrets from the hit series.