Chris Hemsworth Hilariously Trolls Chris Evans for His Birthday


| LAST UPDATE 06/14/2021

By Molly Houghton
Chris Hemsworth Chris Evans
Kevin Mazur / Contributor via Getty Images

Our on-screen Captain America turned 40 years old on June 13th. In honor of his friend's milestone, Chris Hemsworth took to the Gram and hilariously trolled birthday boy Chris Evans. We'll give you a hint: the joke involved a third Hollywood icon named... you guessed it: Chris.

Hemsworth trolls Chris Evans
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Chris Hemsworth is showing us all that he has a wicked sense of humor on and off the screen. The Avengers actor celebrated friend and co-star Chris Evans on his big day with a funny Insta post. "Happy 40th birthday Chris Evans, you'll always be number 1 in my book," Hemsworth wrote alongside the snap pictured below.

Chris Hemsworth Evans Birthday
Instagram via @chrishemsworth

Fans of the Marvel Universe might quickly pick up on the fact that the man seen next to Hemsworth is not Evans. It's another one of our favorite Chris's in La La Land, Chris Pratt. The two actors were recently reunited on set for the filming of the upcoming Thor: Love And Thunder movie, and it looks like Hemsworth used a behind-the-scenes pic with his buddy to troll another good friend.

Chris Hemsworth Trolls Evans
Vera Anderson / Contributor via Getty Images

Some fans were quick to get in on the fun. "That's not chris evans... its chris pine," commented one funny user. Another wrote, "Man. Chris has changed over the years." They weren't the only follower who thought so; "Chris Evans looks different," someone else echoed. So far, the LOL-worthy post has garnered over five million likes. Not bad! But maybe the best part? It's not the first time someone confused the two stars... and last time, it wasn't for some birthday trolling.

Things got funny last year when Pratt chatted with Arnold Schwarzenegger, dad of his wife Katherine, during a virtual telethon for Greater Good. "Our next guest is Mr. Universe; he is the terminator, he's the former governor of California, he's my father-in-law, my daughter's grandfather," the Parks and Rec star excitedly said. "I better not screw this up, or I will be terminated."

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Chris Pratt Chris Evans
Instagram via @prattprattpratt

And then Schwarzenegger confused his son-in-law with another one of the Chris's. "Hello, Chris Evans," the Terminator protagonist said. "Oh, not Chris Evans, sorry. I've screwed up this whole thing right from the beginning. Chris Pratt," he corrected himself. Who knows, maybe Arnold's mix-up was the inspiration behind Hemsworth's birthday post!