Chris Evans Fanboys Over The Office's Jim and Pam


| LAST UPDATE 10/26/2021

By Molly Houghton
Chris Evans The Office
Jon Kopaloff / Contributor via Getty Images

Celebrities: they're just like us. Even Hollywood's biggest stars spend some evenings binge-watching the latest releases on Netflix and fawning over television's favorite couple. And that's exactly what went down as Chris Evans showed his love and support for The Office's Jim and Pam over the weekend. Read on for all of the LOL-worthy details.

John Krasinski Chris Evans
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The Captain America star shared his latest Saturday night activity, and while it didn't involve training his dog in some adorable tricks, it was still the content we didn't know we needed. Evans spent the weekend rewatching some good ol' The Office. "When Jim and Pam are having an off day but at the end of the episode they're both leaving each other messages talking about the same things. Good stuff," he tweeted.

Jenna Fischer John Krasinski

Don't worry - we know precisely what scene Chris was referring to. The tweet was about an episode that followed Jim and Pam having a tough day individually and as long-distance partners. But at the end of the rough patch, the lovebirds leave one another nearly identical messages.

Jenna Fischer Chris Evans
Gustavo Caballero / Contributor via Getty Images

And just when we thought things couldn't get any better as one of our favorite Hollywood stars fanboyed over comedy's sweethearts, the situation got taken up a notch by none other than Jim himself. John Krasinski, the man behind the iconic character, retweeted Evans' tweet along with a gif of Jim doing jazz hands in The Office.

And Pam obviously didn't miss out on any of the shenanigans. After all, once partners in crime, always partners in crime. Jenna Fischer retweeted the sweet message with a gif of her own: one of Jim and Pam doing an air high-five in the middle of the workday. We can't pin down exactly which episode it's from, but something tells us they were probably cheering after a classic prank aimed at Dwight.

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And it's safe to say, Chris freaked out along with the rest of us. "Krasinski is my boy and I've met Jenna once, but for a minute I'm gonna choose to forget that and just enjoy the fact that Jim and Pam both acknowledged this tweet," the actor wrote.

We just hope Lizzo doesn't get jealous... We're sure she's still number one in Chris's heart - or at least in his DMs.