Celebs Offer Hilarious Services to Raise Money for WGA Strikers


| LAST UPDATE 09/21/2023

By Evelyn Martinez
Bob Odenkirk Dinner Auction
VALERIE MACON via Getty Images

During a period of uncertainty about the future of Hollywood’s actors and writers, celebrities are banding together to give back to those on strike. For writers and actors out of work who don’t have the ample salary an A-List star or executive receives, the prospect of unemployment with no end in sight is absolutely daunting. To ensure strikers can stay on their two feet for the long run, the newly founded Union Solidarity Coalition has organized an eBay auction page to raise money. What are they selling? Well, themselves. In a surprising but hilarious decision, Hollywood celebrities are offering goods, advice, and even services for people to purchase. 

In the three categories, there are a range of celebrities from different backgrounds. Naturally, the large chunk of stuff sold is signed goods from film and television. A Mark Ruffalo signed Funko Pop doll of Hulk is going for $1745, an apron from The Bear autographed by Jeremy Allen White for $2250, and a Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) signed Atlanta screenplay for $4000. 

Jeremy Allen White auction
FREDERIC J. BROWN / Contributor via Getty Images
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The next most populous offer of assistance is through mentorship and online sessions. Chat on FaceTime with Nicole Kidman and Lulu Wang for $2125, have a virtual coffee with My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Rachel Bloom for $2225, or get on a Zoom with the cast of New Girl for $5300. If you ask us, that’s not a bad deal. 

However, the fewest and most hilarious products for purchase come from celebrities offering more than just a physical ‘thing’ or a Zoom; they are offering unprecedented services. It’s not only the services themselves that have us in fits. For example, Russian Doll’s Natasha Lyonne is offering her assistance with the Sunday NYT crossword puzzle, currently valued at $6100 for a straightforward task. By contrast, Lena Dunham will paint a five-hour mural in your home, priced at a thousand dollars less. By the long haul, Bob Odenkirk and David Cross’ offer to take someone out for dinner is the most highly sought. With 79 bids and a price of $11,450, fans of Better Call Saul and Arrested Development are not fooling around. However, the most exciting for us is undoubtedly Parks and Recreation actor Adam Scott’s offer to walk LA-based dogs for an hour. If we dress up as a dog, can we go on the walk too?

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