Celebrities Show off the Hilarious Ways They Got Into the Christmas Spirit

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Funny Celeb Christmas
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As Christmas has come and gone, some of our favorite celebrities clued us into the hilarious ways they celebrated the most wonderful time of the year with friends and family. Whether it was from Christmas 2020 or a previous year's celebration, these funny celebs never fail to make us laugh, even on their days off!

Funny Celeb Christmas
Instagram via @jimmyfallon

For Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Hugh Jackman, they dressed to impress in their very best ugly sweaters a while back. Except for Ryan who was apparently the only one who got the memo about the ugly sweater party.

Ryan and Hugh Jackman have had a long history of taking jabs at one another, including their feud that reignited earlier this year, so this was just a typical day in the life for these frenemies. And what better way to celebrate the holidays with old friends than showing off some elaborate and maybe even embarrassing Christmas sweaters?

While he and his family stuck with matching pajamas this year, Kevin Hart sported a one of a kind Christmas sweater last Christmas, making him and his wife the most festive people in the room. Just look at this thing; It even came with a shiny set of jingle bells. He was the epitome of the holiday spirit!

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson may not have pulled out an ugly sweater, as he's made it clear that he much prefers muscle tanks, but he had quite the experience playing with his daughter's toys on Christmas morning. It looks like his little girl persuaded him to give her Barbies some TLC this holiday season. There's just something hysterical about seeing this buff guy playing with a Barbie. Thoughts?

Whether they got tricked into wearing an ugly sweater or spent the day playing with dolls, these celebrities certainly know how to bring some humor to the holidays.