29+ Celebrities Who Have (Or Will) Inherited a Fortune


| LAST UPDATE 03/31/2022

By Kayla Black

While they may be rich and famous in their own right today, these stars certainly got a little boost from family inheritances. From Paris Jackson to Meadow Walker, we're counting down Hollywood A-listers who won big.

30. Emani Asghedom: $1 Million

While we may have known him better by his stage name, Nipsey Hussle, to Emani Asghedom, he was just "dad." And sadly, she had to say goodbye to him at the young age of 11 when he perished back in 2019.

celebrity inheritances nipsey hussle
celebrity inheritances nipsey hussle
David Crotty / Contributor via Getty Images

Emani has another sibling, Kross, who was just a baby at the time. But as any good father would, Nipsey made sure his children would be cared for. According to TMZ, the late rapper set aside $1 million for each of his kids, which they will have access to when they turn of age. Until then, keep scrolling for more hefty inheritances.

29. Liza Minnelli: $1.1 Million

Liza Minnelli is perhaps the definition of Hollywood royalty. Her mother was famed child actress Judy Garland, and her father was legendary director Vincente Minnelli - both of whom have sadly passed. For Liza, that meant a sizable inheritance that came in the form of about $1.1 million.

liza minnelli vincente inheritanceliza minnelli vincente inheritance
Bettmann / Contributor via Getty Images

However, the money didn't come without drama - as is often the case. According to the Los Angeles Times, the actress received the bulk of dad's will, with Vicente allotting only $100,000 to his wife at the time of his death and another $5,000 to his second daughter.

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28. Anderson Cooper: $1.5 Million

With a legacy in the entertainment industry like Anderson Cooper, it's hard to imagine that any name could carry more weight than his in the family. But his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, packs quite a punch with that historical family name. But historical wealth doesn't always translate in the will...

anderson cooper net worthanderson cooper net worth
Dave Allocca/Starpix via Shutterstock

According to PageSix, the CNN host received less than $1.5 million after his mother passed away in 2019. "My mom's made it clear that there's no trust fund," he told Howard Stern back in 2014. "I don't believe in inheriting money... I think it's a curse," he confessed.

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27. Beau Cassidy: $1.68 Million

Fans of the 1970s sitcom The Patridge Family might not know Beau, but they would likely remember his late father, David. For those who don't remember: the beloved actor played Keith Douglas on the musical sitcom. Unfortunately, decades later, his passing would come to be felt by fans worldwide.

celebrity inheritances beau cassidy
celebrity inheritances beau cassidy
Jeff Kravitz / Contributor via Getty Images

By the time of his death in 2017, he allocated his estate to his son, which according to several sources, now amounts to about $1.68 million. While the late actor left memorabilia to his siblings, he made a choice to leave his estranged daughter, Katie Cassidy, out of the will completely.

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26. Brandon Lee: $2.5 Million

Brandon wasn't even 10 years old when he tragically lost his father to a brain edema in 1973. At the time of his passing, Bruce Lee had an estimated net worth of $10 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. And he generously left 25% of the wealth to Brandon and Shannon, his two kids.

celebrity inheritances brandon leecelebrity inheritances brandon lee
Barry King / Contributor via Getty Images

Insired by his father's legacy, Brandon also got into acting. However, tragedy struck once more when he also lost his life while filming on The Crow's movie set back in 1993. His $2.5 million from his father is now reportedly being managed by Shannon, according to Forbes.

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25. Paris Hilton: $5.6 Million

She may have once been living The Simple Life, but don't get it twisted: Paris Hilton is living a luxurious lifestyle. And a big chunk of her comfortable financial status comes from her allotment from her family inheritance. And she has her grandfather Barron to thank for that.

heiresses inheritance paris hilton
heiresses inheritance paris hilton
Jean Baptiste Lacroix / Contributor via Getty Images

According to Women's Health Magazine, the hotel mogul left 3% of his fortune to his 27 offspring and their subsequent kids. That came to roughly $135 million split amongst them, leaving Paris with around $5.6 million. However, that's just a drop in the well for a celeb that several sources claim has $300 mil to her name.

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24. Nicky Hilton: $5.6 Million

It seems that $5.6 million seems to be the lucky number for the Hilton grandchildren! As it turned out, Nicky and Paris's grandfather did some detailed calculations when splitting the funds, which allotted Nicky her very own inheritance worth millions. And it provided quite the cushion for the socialite.

celebrity heiresses nicky hilton
celebrity heiresses nicky hilton
Rich Fury / Stringer via Getty Images

From that family money, she's gone on to make her own fortune, thanks to a career in fashion design and brand deals with some of the biggest labels around. Today, Celebrity Net Worth pegs her value to be at $50 million, however that also takes into account her marriage to another wealthy heir, James Rothschild.

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23. Laila Ali: $6 Million

Like father like daughter... Laila was so inspired by her father's incredible boxing career that she herself pursued professional boxing for nearly a decade. And that wasn't the only thing she received from Muhammad Ali. She, along with the legendary athlete's other children, got a slice of the Ali fortune following his death.

celebrity heiresses laila ali
celebrity heiresses laila ali
Moses Robinson / Contributor via Getty Images

Ali passed away in 2016 and had a will already in place to take care of his loved ones. Laila and her siblings were allotted a whopping $6 million each, according to several sources. The rest of the fortune went to his wife, Lonnie. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the widow ended up with $12 million.

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22. Billie Lourd: $6.8 Million

Following Carrie Fisher's shocking passing back in late December 2016, all eyes turned to her daughter Billie Lourd, who was the next-of-kin for all of Carrie's possessions. According to People, all that Fisher had to her name was passed on to her only child - and it included quite the haul.

celebrity heiresses billie lourd
celebrity heiresses billie lourd
Andy Kropa / Stringer via Getty Images

As they reported, Billie received about $6.8 million in the form of personal property - but that wasn't all. There's also the matter of Carrie's former mansion, valued at $18 million. While the house has yet to sell, People reported that its proceeds are suspected to be going to Lourd as well.

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21. Michael Landon Jr.: $8-10 Million

By the time Michael Landon lost his battle with pancreatic cancer in July 1991, he had amassed quite the fortune. After decades in the entertainment industry, he had more money than he knew what to do with and therefore left it all to his children. All nine of them.

celebrity heirs net worth
celebrity heirs net worth
Ron Galella / Contributor via Getty Images

According to People, each of his kids got between $8 to $10 million as outlined in the will. And for Michael Jr., it certainly gave him a financial cushion as he built his reputation in Hollywood as a producer and director. Today, Celebrity Net Worth estimates his worth to be at $8 million.

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20. Prince Harry: $10 Million

Having famously severed his ties with his family back in the United Kingdom, Prince Harry is most certainly thankful for the inheritance he received following the passing of his mother. According to the BBC, Harry and William were left with a fortune amounting to roughly $20 million.

prince harry royal inheritance prince harry royal inheritance
Georges De Keerle / Contributor via Getty Images

"I've got what my mum left me, and without that, we wouldn't have been able to do this," Harry confessed during an explosive interview with Oprah back in March of 2021. Today, the now United States-based royal has $60 million to his name, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

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19. Frances Bean Cobain: $11.2 Million

As the only child of former Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain, Frances Bean Cobain was the one to receive a huge portion of her late father's estate. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kurt had roughly $50 million to his name by the time of his death in 1994. And he chose to leave a large chunk of it to Frances.

Kurt Cobain Death ChildrenKurt Cobain Death Children
KMazur / Contributor via Getty Images

Back in 2010, Frances turned 18 and gained access to the trust, which earned her about $11.2 million, according to several outlets. From that, she was allotted about $100,000 per month in addition to $6,800 in dividends, according to People. But to top it all off, she seems to also be making bank as a model.

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18. Olivia Wilde: $13 Million

While we may know her as Olivia Wilde, that hasn't always been the last name she's been known by. The Hollywood actress was born Olivia Cockburn and is the daughter of 60 Minutes' Leslie Cockburn and famed British journalist Andrew Cockburn. And while they may not be actors, their family name carries some serious cash.

famous heirs olivia wilde
famous heirs olivia wilde
Neilson Barnard / Contributor via Getty Images

According to Definition.org, Andrew has an estimated net worth of $13 million, which is reported to be going to his living family members (Olivia included) upon his passing. But the Don't Worry Darling director doesn't seem to be strapped for cash, with Celebrity Net Worth estimating her value to be at $20 million.

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17. Bobbi Kristina Brown: $20 Million

Tragically, Bobbi Kristina Brown was only 19 years of age when she lost her mother, Whitney Houston, on February 11th, 2012. As her one and only child, Bobbi inherited her mother's entire estate, which was valued at $20 million, according to TMZ. But the sadness wasn't over yet...

whitney bobbi brown deathwhitney bobbi brown death
Ben Hider / Contributor via Getty Images

Just three years after her mother's death, Bobbi tragically perished after being in a coma for half a year at the age of 22. Now, the remaining funds are split between Whitney's living relatives, including her mother Cissy and two brothers, Michael and Gary (according to People).

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16. Meadow Rain Walker: $25 Million

While fans of the Fast and Furious franchise mourned the tragic loss of Paul Walker, Meadow, on the other hand, had to grapple with losing her father at such a young age. Now 23 years old, she's made a life of her own as a model and socialite. But her father's found a way to care for her even after his passing.

paul walker daughter meadow
paul walker daughter meadow
Instagram via @meadowwalker

At the time of his death, Celebrity Net Worth estimated the actor's value to have been at $25 million, thanks to his long run with the blockbuster franchise. The will, in its entirety, was passed onto his only daughter, as several sources reported. But like in so many cases, family drama unfortunately ensued as well.

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15. Kim Kardashian: $25 Million

Thanks to her late father, legendary lawyer and entrepreneur, Kim Kardashian had quite the luxurious lifestyle growing up. And her riches only grew after he sadly passed away back in 2003. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Robert Kardashian had a whopping $30 million to his name by then.

kim kardashian father inheritancekim kardashian father inheritance
Instagram via @kimkardashian

But beyond that net worth, he also had a jaw-dropping estate in trust that he left to his four kids. According to various reports, there was $100 million left to be split between Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and Robert. And so, as far as splitting goes, that would leave a cool $25 mil for each kid.

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14. Duncan Jones: $25 Million

From a prolific acting career to a Grammy Award-winning music legacy, it seemed like everything David Bowie touched turned into gold. And for his fans, it came as devastating news when he lost his life to cancer back in early 2016. And his millions of fans weren't the only ones mourning.

david bowie death childrendavid bowie death children
Roger Bamber via Shutterstock

Bowie also left behind two kids from a previous marriage. According to Rolling Stone, each child (well into adulthood at the time of David's passing) received 25% of a $100 million estate. We'll save ya from the number-crunching - both Duncan and Alexandria Jones received $25 million.

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13. Luca Dotti: $27.5 Million

Son of famed Hollywood star Audrey Hepburn, Luca Dotti grew up in the public eye. He also has another brother named Sean Hepburn Ferrer. While he didn't become as big of a star as his mother, he starred in projects like I Love Audrey and many more. Of course, paying the bills was never a problem for this heir.

audrey hepburn children nowaudrey hepburn children now
Mirrorpix / Contributor via Getty Images

According to the law offices of DuPont & Blumenstiel, Hepburn allotted her fortune to her two sons, which came to $55 million. They were meant to split it equally, which left Luca with $27.5 million. Today, he keeps his mother's legacy alive through charity work, including the Audrey Hepburn Children's Fund.

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12. Julian Lennon: $28 Million

While wills aren't the easiest or most cheerful topic to discuss at the family table, they can certainly mitigate family drama after the passing of a wealthy relative. But when John Lennon was tragically killed back in 1980, his will allotted his entire fortune to his wife at the time, Yoko Ono.

john lennon children todayjohn lennon children today
Manchester Daily Express / Contributor via Getty Images

That meant that John's two kids from previous relationships didn't get a dime from their late father. However, in 1996 Yoko decided to give Julian what she felt he deserved. According to the Daily Mail, it was $28 million. Today, Julian's net worth is estimated to be $50 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

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11. Kate Hudson: $30 Million

Now, this is something that could easily be the plot of one of Kate Hudson's famed rom-coms! The actress, who is widely known for classics like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Bride Wars, certainly hasn't any trouble making cash of her own - but she has a rich momma on her side too.

kate hudson goldie inheritancekate hudson goldie inheritance
Rich Fury / Staff via Getty Images

Hudson is the daughter of the iconic actress and entertainer Goldie Hawn. The now-76-year-old star had quite the run in Hollywood, amassing a net worth estimated by Celebrity Net Worth to be around $90 million. With two other kids besides Kate to account for, that would put Kate's share at an estimated $30 million!

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10. Zelda Williams: $33.3 Million

While wills can help in avoiding some family drama, that's certainly not always the case. And nowhere is that better exemplified than in the legal battle that went down between Robin Williams' three kids and his wife, Susan Schneider Williams, at the time of his death.

robin williams death inheritancerobin williams death inheritance
Alex Berliner/BEI via Shutterstock

Zelda, along with her siblings Zachary and Cody, received roughly $100 million to split between them, according to Vanity Fair's reports in 2015. However, conflict quickly ensued when Susan fought to continue living in the home she'd shared with Robin. Luckily this all wrapped up without anyone getting hurt...

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9. Lucie Arnaz: $40 Million

When it comes to celebrities and their wills, there are a number of options when it comes to spreading the wealth. While some choose to leave divided sums to family members, others create trusts, like former I Love Lucy star Lucille Ball. The legendary actress left $40 million at the time of her death in 1989.

Lucille Ball Celebrity ChildrenLucille Ball Celebrity Children
Images Press / Contributor via Getty Images

Lucille also had two kids to think about. Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr. haven't come forward to say just how much they received from the trust exactly. But, in 2007, the Lucille Morton Trust purchased a condo in NYC for over $1 million. It was then that Lucie revealed she was managing the trust established by her late mother.

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8. Caroline Kennedy: $43.7 Million

Now this one involves some math... When the former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy tragically lost her battle with cancer back in 1994, she left behind a fortune bestowed to her two kids: Caroline Kennedy and John F. Kennedy Jr., as reported by The New York Times. But that wasn't the end of the matter...

Caroline Kennedy Family InheritanceCaroline Kennedy Family Inheritance
Ron Galella / Contributor via Getty Images

Caroline later sadly lost her brother just five years later when he perished in a plane crash. Following his death, Caroline was left with his allotment of the inheritance, according to the Daily Mail. And by the Post's estimations, she earns between $12 to $30 million/year from the $43.7 million estate.

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7. Melissa Rivers: $75 Million

The world of comedy lost a legend on September 4th, 2014, when Joan Rivers suddenly passed away during an endoscopy procedure, according to The Hollywood Reporter. And while we mourned the loss of a comedian, Melissa Rivers mourned the loss of her mother.

Joan Rivers Death WillJoan Rivers Death Will
Carlo Allegri / Staff via Getty Images

As Joan's one and only child, Melissa was left with everything her mother owned at the time. According to Celebrity Net Worth, this included $75 million in cash - in addition to Joan's former condo in New York City, which was valued at approximately $35 million. The website also places Melissa's net worth at $100 million today.

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6. Liza Todd: $100 Million

Liza Todd is one of Elizabeth Taylor's four children. She was born in NYC back in 1957 however didn't get to know her father, Frances Todd, who passed away in a plane crash less than a year after her birth. According to IMDb, she grew up with a close relationship with her second stepfather, Richard Burton, who adopted her.

Elizabeth Taylor Daughter TodayElizabeth Taylor Daughter Today
Ron Galella / Contributor via Getty Images

By the time Elizabeth passed away, she had set up a clear will that made for a hefty inheritance for Liza and her siblings. Todd herself inherited $100 million, according to Vanity Fair - as did her other siblings, Maria Burton, Christopher Edward Wilding, and Michael Wilding Jr.

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5. Lisa Marie Presley: $100 Million

At the time that the Jailhouse Rock singer passed away from a heart attack in 1977, he reportedly had about $5 million to his name. In terms of celebrity inheritances, it might not have been much - however it was left in its entirety to his only child, a daughter named Lisa Marie Presley.

Elvis Presley Death Children Elvis Presley Death Children
GAB Archive / Contributor via Getty Images

But that wasn't the end of it. According to People, Lisa's mother took charge of the trust, and with careful financial moves, she managed to grow it to an estimated $100 million! Lisa inherited the trust on her 25th birthday and reportedly earns a $100,000 allowance from it each month.

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4. Paris Jackson: $100 Million

At the time of his tragic passing in June of 2009, Michael Jackson had established a trust to handle all "current and future financial interests," according to Forbes. That also allotted for a large charity donation, and the remainder went to his mother and three kids: Paris, Prince, and Blanket.

Michael Jackson Children ParisMichael Jackson Children Paris
Pool / Pool via Getty Images

After the estate grew by roughly $2 billion following his death, that meant that each family member in the will had a hefty sum left to their name. Now 23 years old, Paris received roughly $100 million, according to TMZ. Throw in her successful modeling career, and it appears she's doing just fine...

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3. Dhani Harrison: $200 Million

He may not be the first child of a former Beatle to be mentioned, but he's also not the last! Dhani Harrison is the child of the late rocker George Harrison. From his time with The Beatles to his solo projects, George was known by billions of fans around the world as one of the most talented songwriters around.

george harrison beatles songeorge harrison beatles son
Dennis Stone via Shutterstock

According to Celebrity Net Worth, George had $400 million to his name at the time of his death, which was split evenly between his son and wife, Olivia Harrison. Today, Dhani's net worth is estimated at $275 - due to his inheritance and his work as a musician in his own right.

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2. Sean Lennon: $200 Million

While we now know that Julian eventually got $28 million after his father's passing, it was a totally different story for John's youngest son, Sean. His only child with Yoko Ono, Sean, was included in a much larger portion of the will at the time of his sudden passing.

Yoko Ono Children TodayYoko Ono Children Today
Dave Hogan / Contributor via Getty Images

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Sean and his mother were each given a jaw-dropping $200 million from the former Beatles star. Based off Celebrity Net Worth's estimations, Sean now has $200 million to his name. And while a good chunk of it may come from the will, he's also an actor and musician.

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1. Damian Hurley: $330 Million

Now, this is something we can only guess Elizabeth and son Damian didn't see coming... In a strange twist of events, the famed heir to the Steve Bing empire lost big bucks in a failed court appeal. His father was a famous NYC-based businessman who was known to be worth millions. But just how much money are we talking?

damian hurley father inheritancedamian hurley father inheritance
Richard Young via Shutterstock

Well, according to News.com.au, the 19-year-old thought he would be inheriting $330 million from his late father. However, due to concerns of "illegitimacy," Damian was left without a cent. Ouch. However, Hurley still considers his relatives family, even posting a loving shoutout on his Instagram following the drama.

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