The Cast of Friends Reunite To Announce Charitable Surprise


| LAST UPDATE 08/03/2021

By Scarlett Adler
Friends cast reunite charity
David Hume Kennerly/Getty Images

Just so we’re clear, they were NOT on a break. Or at least that’s how Jennifer Aniston sees it. The Friends star and the rest of the gang just reunited to pay tribute to the hit series (and settle a few debates along the way). Here’s how the cast’s latest reunion is giving back to the community - all while cracking a smile or two, of course…

Friends reunion cast merch
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On Monday, August 2, Central Perk’s finest took to our feeds to announce their latest endeavor: a limited-edition apparel line, highlighting iconic quotes and moments from the hit show. From custom-designed tees to hoodies and baseball caps, we suggest making room in that closet of yours. And while you’re at it, make sure to clear out that kitchen cabinet, considering the exclusive merch will also come in the form of coffee mugs (because, well, duh).

From Phoebe belting out Smelly Cat to Monica’s “I Know!” expect a bittersweet trip down memory lane as you join in on the fun. As for when you’ll be doing so? Curated by the cast themselves, the “Cast Collection” will be divided up into 3 different drops: Seasons 1-3, 4-6, and 7-10, respectively. As the official site teased, each drop will be available for 4 weeks only,  “never to be sold again.” That’s right, we’d act fast before it’s too late. 

Friends reunion charity merch
David Hume Kennerly via Getty Images

But the merch’s limited supply isn’t the only reason you’ll be racing to support the hit series. As the cast proudly revealed, they’ll be donating half of their proceeds to a charity of their choice: Jenn, Americares, a charity dedicated to providing aid during Covid-19; Court, EBMRF, a non-profit raising awareness for a rare skin disorder; David, The Rape Foundation, giving back to survivors of abuse, and so on…

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Friends cast collection reunite
NBC/Newsmakers via Getty Images

Could we BE any more excited? Who would’ve thought giving back to the community could look so good? Head on over to the official site here to be a part of the fun today. And of course, be sure to stay tuned for more updates...