Cardi B Makes Headlines Again After Hilarious Interview with Jimmy Fallon

Eliott Tanner

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It seems like everything is lining up perfectly for Cardi B, returning to her viral glory almost a year after giving birth. Her new music releases have managed to take the world by storm last year and it's looking like this year won't be different. Her new single; Up which debuted last week at number 2 on the Billboard chart has already garnered international attention, including Jimmy Fallon's.

Cardi B WAP Savage
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Cardi, appearing on the Tonight Show hosted by Fallon, got into a string of viral interviews that have taken the internet by storm. At first, Cardi opened up to her not having a driver's license at 28 years old. "You don't drive, is that right?" Jimmy asked her, to which she replied with a conspicuous "no..." After being called out for " just acting" and playfully lying to him, she opened up about the matter: "I do want my license cause sometimes at night time like at 3 in the morning I want some ice cream and my husband is asleep." Understandably, Jimmy was almost in tears after her reply.

The two proceeded to do the infamous "mimic challenge" on The Tonight Show. The act involved the two mimicking sounds of everyday things that they chose to make. At the beginning of the challenge, Cardi got one of her car keys and rattled them. Jimmy, attempting to recreate the sound of the keys wasn't too successful according to the WAP star as she commented, "You sound like an old phone but okay." The most talked-about moment, of Fallon mimicking a rubber chicken.

The moment that really had the online cosmos going, was when Cardi explained to Jimmy Fallon what her new song "Up" was really about. "So, when it's up it's stuck... What does that mean?" the Tonight host asked, to which the mother of one answered "You know how you need to go (to the toilet) and it don't come out? It's just up and it's stuck." Fallon couldn't contain himself after what she had said, simply acting dumbfounded and equally as entertaining. The interview has so far gained almost half a million views since it's upload.

Cardi B New Single Up
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With all going well for the rap star, we sure are looking forward to her future bangers, but even more so, her hilarious interviews. Preferably with Jimmy Fallon.