Camila Cabello Pokes Fun at Wardrobe Malfunction


| LAST UPDATE 03/11/2022

By Arianna Morgan
Camila Cabello wardrobe malfunction
Theo Wargo via Getty Images

Camila Cabello is proving to us once again she is a superstar! The singer and songwriter had an amusing fashion mishap this week while promoting her newest hit song, Bam Bam, on BBC's The One Show - and the Internet immediately went wild. So what exactly happened?

This week, the 25-year-old singer appeared on BBC's The One Show hosted by Alex Jones and Jermaine Jeans via live stream to promote her new single featuring Ed Sheeran when things took a sharp turn. During the interview, a fan wrote in asking to share her favorite dance move from the music video, and as she was strutting her stuff for the camera, her shirt accidentally opened and briefly flashed the co-hosts. The singer quickly covered up and totally played off the awkward moment. "I almost flashed you," Cabello joked as she kept on dancing like the true superstar she is. Co-hosts Jones and Jeans, joined by fellow guests Alan Carr and Toby-Alexander Smith, quickly laughed and gasped at the moment and moved on. Later on, co-host Alex Jones told viewers, "Sorry once again for Camila's wardrobe malfunction – bless her! It happens to the best of us, doesn't it?" "She dealt with it brilliantly," Jermaine Jeans added. We've all been there!

Camila Cabello Viral TikTok
Jason Koerner via Getty Images
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The Cinderella actress is known for being prominent on TikTok with over 15 million followers, so naturally, the Havana singer addressed the wardrobe malfunction on her TikTok with an impeccable clip. She uploaded the perfect video of her lip-syncing the words to Muni Long's Time Machine, specifically "I wish I had a time machine." At least she's making light of the situation! Twitter is praising Cabello for how she handled the moment, calling her a "queen for the way she just recovered" from the wardrobe moment - and we totally agree!


♬ Time Machine - Muni Long

The singer has officially joined the rest of Hollywood in wardrobe malfunction moments as she handled the viral situation perfectly. Cabello debuted her single, Bam Bam, on live television last week on The Late Late Show with James Corden and it can be streamed anywhere online, so make sure to button up and check out her newest song!

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