Britney Spears Hilariously Calls Out Pete Davidson


| LAST UPDATE 03/23/2022

By Conner Goodman
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Jamie McCarthy / Staff via Getty Images

While we may be keeping up with every detail of the Kardashians and their love lives, it seems like this pop star does not. Britney Spears reacted to a hilarious video she saw on the internet, but little did she know who the two famous men in the clip were. Here's what the singer had to say about Pete Davidson and Scott Disick.

For those who may be living under a rock, Disick is Kourtney Kardashian's ex and baby daddy, while Davidson is Kim Kardashians' new beau post-Kimye divorce. Fans weren't too surprised to see that the two dudes were hanging out together. Disick recently shared a video with his 26.4 million Instagram followers showing a boy's night they had. In it, we could see the Saturday Night Live comedian take control of the camera. And we are happy he did because we got a glimpse into what life's like for the men in the Kardashian household. As it turns out, it's nothing too crazy! The video showed the guys hanging out on a couch enjoying a movie together along with other friends (some were even asleep, LOL). The caption joked, "Boyz night was wild."

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Mindy Small / Contributor via Getty Images
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Fans were in awe at the friendship, with many commenting about how happy they were two see these two getting along. One person wrote, "They'd probably make funny reality TV," and another noted, "This is my new fave bromance." But, we weren't the only ones who enjoyed it. It seemed like the Toxic singer got a few laughs in after watching it. Only she had no idea who the people were: "Sorry had to repost this," Spears revealed in a now-deleted Instagram post. "No idea who these people in the video are, but it made me laugh so hard !!!!"

We're hoping that we'll be seeing a lot more of this duo. It seems that movie night wasn't the only time they recently spent together. Apparently, they also attended a baseball game that Scott's son, Reign Disick, was playing in. And they weren't the only Kardashian men to join - Travis Barker was also on the bleachers cheering on his future stepson. Hopefully the next time they drop a funny video on the 'gram Britney will know who they are! Until then, stay tuned.

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