Blake Lively Trolls Ryan Reynolds in Hilarious Birthday Post


| LAST UPDATE 10/25/2020

By Scarlett Adler
Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Birthday
Pascal Le Segretain via Getty Images

Who said the king of trolling can't be trolled? This past weekend, Ryan Reynolds rang in his 44th birthday, and you can bet wife, Blake Lively, wasted no time joining in on the, um, festivities. Consider us amused - and only a little inspired.

Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Birthday
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It all started on Friday, October 23, when the Gossip Girl star took to the 'gram for some sweet revenge, literally - in the form of one questionable birthday pie. What went down?

Blake Lively, Birthday
James Devaney for GC Images via Getty Images

"1) Who is the lost soul that selects birthday PIE? 2) What ANIMAL eats their cake (pie) without first blowing out the candles?" Lively wrote in the, um, romantic post. "@Vancityreynolds, that's who."

But don't think she was done just yet. "Happy Birthday. I honestly can't believe we're still married," Lively joked. Safe to say, it's already been 8 years since the two tied the knot, yet their playful pranks don't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Birthday
Instagram via @vancityreynolds

In fact, just one day earlier, Lively's pie-loving "animal" took to his own Instagram to do what he does best; Only this time, there were no sarcastic one-liners, or wild photoshops involved - at least of his own doing.

That's right, this time, all it took was a snap of a barefoot Blake to leave the internet going wild. Confused? Let's just say, Blake's very same snap, which she shared on her own handle, had her sporting brown Louboutin heels. Have you spotted it yet? Yep, photoshop.

And, well, did you really think Ryan wasn't going to take the moment to roast his wife's not-so-subtle ways? Ah, to be young and in love. Something tells us they've got many more tricks up their sleeves, though. This isn't the first time Ryan's been involved in a birthday-troll. Seriously. We'd stay tuned if we were you.