Blake Lively Hilariously Posts 'Thirst Content' of Ryan Reynolds


| LAST UPDATE 11/15/2023

By Riley Hammond
Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds
@vancityreynolds via Instagram

No Hollywood couple brings us laughs quite like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. And it appears they're at it once again, bringing their signature humor to social media, to the amusement of their millions of fans.

Over the weekend, Blake shared a photo on her Instagram Story featuring Ryan and their fitness guru, Don Saladino, in the middle of an intense gym session. But the hilarious part is the hidden gem in the background: Blake herself, sitting on a step at the gym with her phone perfectly positioned to sneakily capture the moment. The caption under the photo read, “Find yourself a better Instagram boyfriend than me.” LOL. But the jokes didn't end there - she zoomed in on the pic, revealing her reflection in the gym mirror, saying, "I'll wait." NGL, so will we.

Ryan Blake Reynolds funny
@vancityreynolds via Instagram
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In the next slide, Blake took it a step further, narrowing the focus on the image and declaring, "Because I know low-key capturing thirst content of your fine azz husband is not photography, it’s a public service." Classic Blake. And we all know how Ryan's always quick to join his wife's hilarious antics with a witty remark. Adding his own twist to the scenario, he wrote, “As I get ready to shove myself into Deadpool’s Big Red Body Condom™️ again, I have to aim the light at @donsaladino,” referring to his upcoming role in Deadpool 3. Reynolds didn't hold back from sharing the effects of years of intense stunts and relentless competitiveness on his body. "I push things too far ALL the time. Moderation’s never really been my friend. But thankfully Don has!” he continued. Guess we're thanking Don as well.

And, of course, Ryan made sure to give credit where it was due, Ryan concluded his caption with a reference to his wife: "[camera emoji]: my Instagram boyfriend, @blakelively." We've gotta hand it to these two for so effortlessly poking fun at themselves from time to time, and giving us all a laugh out of it. And to our readers - be sure to stay tuned, because if there's one thing we're certain of, it's that it won't be long before Blake and Ryan come up with another hilarious stunt.

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