Blake Lively Flaunts Post-Baby Body, Jokes About Her Trainer


| LAST UPDATE 08/02/2023

By Riley Hammond
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Blake Lively is back in a bikini and she's got a hilarious retort that's gone viral and has left fans online in stitches.

You know it's officially bikini season when your hair morphs into a frizzy mop the moment you step outside. And if my social media feed is anything to go by, with Kim K emerging from the ocean like a silver siren and Alexandra Daddario lounging poolside, it's time to whip out the SPF. But the real showstopper? Blake Lively, our favorite mom of four, who's already back in a two-piece just months after her latest bundle of joy arrived. She unveiled her post-baby bod on Instagram, but it was her hilarious response to a comment that's causing an internet storm. Let's be real: bouncing back after birthing a baby isn't a walk in the park. It's more like sprinting up a mountain while juggling flaming torches. But somehow, Lively manages to do it every single time, proving she's not just a superstar on screen but also in the mommy department.

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A curious Instagrammer asked, "How have you had 4 kids???" and Lively, known for her brilliant comebacks, fired back with a zinger. After tagging her trainer in the post, she humorously clarified, "Wait. No. That's not how. He's not the father. He's just the one who helps me fit into (some of) my clothes again after. He's an even better person and friend than trainer. And that's saying a lot." After welcoming their first kiddo with hubby Ryan Reynolds, Lively dove straight back into work, snagging a role in The Shallows that basically required her to live in a bikini while filming, just ten months postpartum.

Reynolds was her biggest cheerleader, encouraging her to approach the role like an "athletic event", or as she put it, "training for a marathon." She praised her Deadpool 3 beau for helping her mentally prepare for the physical demands of the role. Fast forward to now, and the couple are proud parents to four little ones, including a recent addition whose details they're keeping under wraps. Of course, being a Hollywood A-lister, she has an entire squad to guide her wellness routine. But it's clear she's still breaking a sweat and putting in the hard yards. And boy, has it paid off - in abs, at least!

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