Why BJ Novak's Face Is on Random Products Worldwide


| LAST UPDATE 10/27/2021

By Molly Houghton
BJ Novak Public Domain
David Becker / Contributor via Getty Images

Have you ever seen The Office's BJ Novak splashed on packaging for a cologne? Or perhaps a poncho, or even facepaint? Maybe you saw it and thought to yourself, "Nah, it must be someone who looks like him." Well, we've got news for ya: that was, in fact, BJ Novak. Read on for the hilarious reason the actor's face is on random products worldwide.

BJ Novak Random Products
Noam Galai / Stringer via Getty Images

The 42-year-old took to Instagram to explain why his well-known face is on ads and packaging all over the globe. "Years ago, someone mistakenly put an image of me on a public domain site," Novak shared. "And now apparently I am on products all around the world." BJ showed off some of the many items repping his face, and it's quite an extensive list.

BJ Novak Face Products
Instagram via @bjnovak

His money-maker has been photoshopped onto packaging for ponchos sold in Los Angeles, facepaint sold in the South American country of Uruguay, shaving products in Asia and North America, and a steamy-looking cologne called "Encounter." Oddly enough, the star's facial expression is the same in all of the shots. And that's not because he only has one facial expression in pictures. It's because companies keep using that one picture of him on a public domain site for their products.

BJ Novak Products Worldwide
Instagram via @bjnovak

So could BJ sue the companies or at least ask the public domain site to take his picture down? Maybe, but it doesn't look like that'll be happening anytime soon. "I am too amused to do anything about it," Novak confessed. And he's not the only one who finds the whole ordeal LOL-worthy. The news went viral on social media, and fans of The Office quickly showed their support for the hilarious happening that feels straight out of an episode from the hit sitcom.

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BJ Novak worldwide ads
Instagram via @bjnovak

"Jim's pranks leveled up," wrote one person, teasing that John Krasinski's famous character had something to do with Ryan's face ending up on a public domain. Others commented on how much this would make Michael Scott laugh, but honestly, we think the big boss might be jealous if he ever finds out.

Well, this seems to be as good a time as any to keep binge-watching The Office on Netflix.