Aubrey Plaza Hilariously Fangirls Over Drew Barrymore


| LAST UPDATE 12/25/2022

By Arianna Morgan
Aubrey Plaza Drew Barrymore
Monica Schipper via Getty Images for The New Yorker

Aubrey Plaza sat down with Drew Barrymore for an episode of the actress's podcast, Drew News, and things got a bit unhinged. Plaza is famously known for her dry humor tactics, but during her conversation with Barrymore, things were taken to new levels when the actress told Barrymore she wished she was her mother. And it sounded like she was being pretty serious - so let's take a closer look at the conversation.

The actress joined Barrymore during an episode of her podcast to discuss a vast array of things, from her role in White Lotus season 2 to her former connection to Iceland. However, it was one segment that really left the Internet in a chokehold. It all started when the two began discussing Barrymore's parenting strategies and how she sends cute jokes for her daughters every day while they're away at camp, to which Plaza responded, "You're a dream mom." We totally agree. The White Lotus actress added on, "I wish you were my mom."

Aubrey Plaza Drew Barrymore
 Frazer Harrison via Getty Images
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However, Plaza didn't end the bit there. "Be my mommy. Feed me! Put me to bed," she said to Barrymore. The podcast host then responded, "I will, I'm good at it too. I always like hold and they get in the nook of my arm...and I hold them, and I pet them." It just keeps going. "Nurture me," Plaza says. "Nourish me." To which Barrymore says, "Oh God, what I wouldn't do to put you to bed," write before Plaza concludes with, "I'm a hungry baby." The conversation continued before Barrymore could pivot away from the whole "be my mommy" bit, but Twitter was having a field day with this quick interaction. But really, imagine how cool it would be for Drew Barrymore to be your mom?!

Anyways, Aubrey Plaza is living her best life right now, living off the insane success of White Lotus season 2, so why not just roll with it? The actress is currently filming Francis Ford Coppola's latest film Megalopolis and even told E! News she's "really good at hosting" and pitched herself for the Academy Awards, but the spot was already taken by Kimmel! Well, we can't wait to see what else Plaza has in store for us!

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