Watch Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's Hilarious Promo Video


| LAST UPDATE 08/20/2021

By Molly Houghton
Ashton Kutcher Mila Kunis
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Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis just released a short promo video for their Outside Wine label, which uses profits from sales to benefit charities. And considering how hilarious the clip is, it's safe to say the couple probably downed a couple of glasses before filming. Here are all of the funny details.

Ashton Kutcher funny wine
Instagram via @aplusk

The That '70s Show castmates and hubby-wife duo couldn't stop laughing - and teasing each other - as they filmed the wine promo in their backyard. The video starts with Ashton talking about the new brand with an over-the-top (and not quite believable) French accent, which immediately makes Mila crack up.

Mila Ashton Charity Wine
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Kutcher then abruptly lets go of the accent and states, "I've always been a huge fan of Paul Newman. I think he's -," but the actor isn't able to finish his sentence. "What a transition, babe!" Mila teases him from behind the camera. "Are you hazing me offscreen?" Ashton asks. "No! Go!" she answers. But only a few seconds pass before Kunis interrupts her husband again.

Ashton Kutcher Wine Promo
Noel Vasquez / Contributor via Getty Images

"Bonjour," he begins before the actress says, "Oh my god, stop. Paul Newman, you were at Paul Newman." And to this, Ashton hilariously questions, "Are you the f***ing cameraman or the director?" Later in the video, the No Strings Attached star tells his wife, "You're the worst cameraman/director ever. For all time. I still love you but - sorry, camerawoman." Check out the hilarious clip for yourself below.

So, what was the duo's message once they got past all of the giggling and snorting? After raising a whopping $1 million for charity thanks to their Quarantine Wine, Mila and Ashton want to keep on giving. "We were both blown away by the love and support," the 43-year-old said. "Maybe this is something that we could do and should do going forward..." And that's the plan with the couple's latest brand, Outside Wine.

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Ashton Mila Quarantine Wine
Instagram via @aplusk

"We partnered with someone else that I admire very much, Tony Hawk, who has this thing called The Skatepark Project and builds skateparks for kids," Kutcher said. "I hope you can support us in supporting others through having fun and drinking wine. Cheers!" We can definitely get behind that - especially after that LOL-worthy advertisement. You can buy your bottle of delicious Outside Wine here.