Andy Grammer Offers His Phone Number to Fans in Need of Someone to Talk to

Taran Underwood

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In addition to being a fantastic singer and songwriter, Andy Grammer has proven to have one of Hollywood's biggest hearts. After losing his mom in 2009, Grammer devoted himself to helping others cope with grief, especially children who've lost a loved one.

Andy Grammer
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To show his fans that he honors his word, the artist included a phone number in his Instagram bio with a message that says "TEXT ME," and vows to be there for his followers. One fan wanted to see if Andy meant what he said, so she sent him a message: "I volunteer at a camp for kids who have experienced grief. Want to get involved?"

Within minutes, Andy responded to the fan with a voice note from himself - not an assistant or manager - and said he would absolutely love to get involved. That's how Grammer came across Experience Camps, a cost-free sleepaway camp for kids throughout America to come together, leave all their struggles at home, and just enjoy being a kid.

Andy Grammer
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Ever since losing his mom to breast cancer, Grammer's tried to channel his pain into a purpose to help others, so Experience Camps was the perfect opportunity. Plus, if you check out his Instagram profile, it's filled with heartwarming photos of his children and motivational quotes to help his fans get through tough times.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this year's Experience Camps sessions were made virtual, so Andy kicked it off with an online performance. He copes with loss through his music, so he was honored to share it with kids and volunteers who are also trying to find the good in life, after experiencing such trauma.

Anytime he sees an opportunity to give back, no matter how small of a gesture Andy goes for it. While on tour in Boston in 2018, he approached a group of women at a restaurant and said, "Hey, you four remind me of my mom. Would you mind if I picked up the check?" Evidently, Andy Grammer is one incredible guy and has made it clear that he has all of our backs.