Adele Left Fans in Stitches After Hilarious Live Stream


| LAST UPDATE 10/11/2021

By Kayla Black
adele funny instagram live
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor via Getty Images

It seems like Adele's name is everywhere these days, thanks to her recent resurrection. The famous singer has upped her social media presence in anticipation of her upcoming single and has given millions of fans a taste of her comedic humor.

adele body count video
Theo Wargo / Staff via Getty Images

The 33-year-old singer hopped on her Instagram to stream live to 40-plus million followers and have a little chat. She opted for an honest Q&A, which offered fans a hilarious insight into her everyday life. And it's safe to say that people couldn't get enough of her classically British and down-to-earth sense of humor. From her typical Nando's chicken order to her favorite flavor of chips, the Grammy-Award-winning singer left her followers absolutely speechless (minus the laughs, of course) with her cheeky answers.

adele instagram live video
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor via Getty Images

"My favorite thing to do during lockdown was drink wine... obviously," the UK-born artist shared proudly with her fans. Some other fan-favorite answers included her clear excitement about the thought of a new Beyoncé album and her go-to drink order at brunch: an Aperol spritz. The recently divorced singer showed off her carefree, glowed-up personality as millions of fans sent major love her way. But perhaps the most LOL-worthy moment of the interview was Adele's naive answer to one of the questions. "'What's my body count' - What does that mean?" the Rolling in the Deep artist asked matter-of-factly.

Between the pleas for adoption from fans and the shushing of her yappy dogs, Adele managed to take a break from the comedy to send a little surprise her fans' way. "Um, would you like to hear a little snippet?" she asked during her Instagram Live. The world-famous artist continued to play a little teaser from her upcoming single - and what's better: it was the first preview to feature her voice.

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Safe to say that Adele is building some major hype for her upcoming new music. And the cherry on top? She's showing her fans that she's still just as funny as ever. Be sure to check back soon for more hilarious and viral updates from your favorite celebrities!