Adam Sandler Goes Unrecognized By IHOP Waitress in Hilarious Viral Video


| LAST UPDATE 05/03/2021

By Scarlett Adler
Adam Sandler, IHOP, Hostess
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What would you do if an A-list celebrity was suddenly standing right before you? Maybe you'd ask for a picture? Maybe you'd freeze up like we would? Well, for one IHOP waitress, she actually sent them home. Then again, that's because she didn't even realize she was in the presence of Hollywood royalty...

Dayanna Rodas, IHOP, Adam
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It all started when Dayanna Rodas, a hostess at a Long Island IHOP branch, was busy working an ordinary shift. Only the customer who suddenly walked in that fateful day was far from that. Clad in a black face mask and casual ensemble, Adam Sandler looked, well, like every other diner sporting a mask.

Adam Sandler, IHOP, Viral
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Perhaps that’s why Rodas wasted no time informing the Happy Gilmore star of the rather unfortunate news: He’d have to wait at least half an hour before he could get his hands on any pancakes. So what he’d do? Leave the Manhasset eatery with his equally as disappointed daughter by his side. (Hey, can we really blame them?)

Adam Sandler, IHOP, Viral

As the story goes, it wasn't long before the mistaken hostess realized who the mysterious man really was. And she wasted no time sharing her exchange (and regrets) with the rest of us. That's right, we've got a feeling Dayanna won't be living this one down anytime soon.


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"Not realizing it's Adam Sandler and telling him it's a 30-minute wait," the mortified server spilled on TikTok of the hilarious exchange. "Please come back," Rodas joked. But while we've got a hunch the unsatisfied star might not be trying his luck there again anytime soon, IHOP is officially awaiting his arrival with open arms. (And so are we, fyi.)

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Adam Sandler, IHOP, Viral
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"While we weren’t able to serve Adam in this particular instance... we look forward to serving him on his next visit!" the nationwide chain released in an official statement to NBC. Maybe next time he'll try the Hukilau Cafe. Rumor has it their breakfast menu has got some pretty impressive waffles...