Adam Sandler Reveals Hilarious Mixup With Ben Stiller


| LAST UPDATE 06/10/2022

By Arianna Morgan
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In a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his new Netflix movie Hustle, Adam Sandler opened up to the late-night host about occasionally dropping in on local basketball games. The actor is known for his love of the sport, often spotted sitting courtside at Lakers games alongside the one and only Jack Nicholson. So when he recently dropped by a local basketball court to get his head in the game, he was hilariously mistaken for a fellow actor!

In Adam Sandler's upcoming film, Hustle, Sandler plays a scout who stumbles upon an unbelievable athlete abroad and brings him back to Philly to play in the big leagues. As a tribute to his favorite sport, the actor revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live he loves to stop by local pick-up games and gets on the courts. "I like playing basketball, I used to play a lot more," the actor revealed. "I see a game going on, I know where parks are," he said. "If I'm shooting in a particular state or a city, I'll ask around where's some good games and then I go and show up." We can only imagine what it would be like playing with Sandler on the courts.

Ben Stiller Adam Sandler
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Sandler hysterically shared with Kimmel a tidbit from a recent scrimmage match, where the actor got mistaken for another hilarious celeb. The actor shared he was at a game recently when a guy on the court who was guarding him was "a little weirded out" and was barely defending him. Sandler eventually approached him and said, "How you doing man?" followed by, "Buddy I came here to get a sweat, you know?" Understandably if you're guarding Adam Sandler, things may feel a tad unreal, but when the guy finally answered Sandler, his response was hilarious.

After running down the court, the guy said to Sandler, "Are you Ben Stiller?" Sandler continued. "I said yes I am, and then I realized he thinks I'm Stiller so I can foul a little more. I let him have it." LOL. Classic mistake, right? The two once starred in a film together, The Meyerowitz Stories, back in 2017, so maybe that's where this guy's mind was going? Anyways, we just love Sandler. So make sure to check out Hustle streaming now on Netflix!

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