Love at First Sight: The Story of Adam and Jackie Sandler's Relationship


| LAST UPDATE 09/20/2023

By Malikah Mcintosh

Everyone recognizes Adam Sandler from his hilarious movies like Billy Madison and Grown Ups, but what about his wife, Jackie? Here's everything to know about Jackie and Adam's loving relationship.

All About Adam

Before he was known as one of the funniest guys in Hollywood, Adam Sandler was just a regular kid. He was born in Brooklyn, New York. When he was 6, his family packed up and moved to New Hampshire.

Adam Sandler family careerAdam Sandler family career
@adamsandler via Instagram

Sandler grew up as the youngest sibling out of four. Although a good student, Sandler was naturally a class clown. His older brother encouraged him to try out stand-up. Eventually, Sandler enrolled in New York University's Tisch School of the Arts and graduated from the prestigious school in 1988 with a bachelor's in acting.

Early Success

While he was still taking classes, Sandler landed his first few roles in television. He played the role of Smitty, Theo Huxtable's friend on The Cosby Show, and the Stud Boy on the MTV game show Remote Control. He made his feature film debut as the lead in Going Overboard.

Adam Sandler SNL comedyAdam Sandler SNL comedy
Saturday Night Live via YouTube

In the meantime, Sandler continued to perform at comedy clubs. After being discovered performing, Sandler was hired to write for Saturday Night Live. He became a featured player known for his wacky characters and hilarious original songs, like The Chanukah Song. Although he was fired from SNL, it didn't stop his career from taking off. 

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Billy and Happy

In 1995, Sandler starred in a movie about an adult who repeats his schooling to earn his father's respect and inherit his hotel empire called Billy Madison. Then, a year later, he starred in a movie, Happy Gilmore, about a guy who enters a golf tournament to save his grandmother's house. 

Happy Gilmore Adam SandlerHappy Gilmore Adam Sandler
Movieclips via YouTube

Both movies became hits and staples in the comedian's career. He even named his production company, which he formed in 1999, after the two films, Happy Madison Productions. Sandler also starred in The Waterboy, The Wedding Singer, and Bulletpoof during these years.

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The Scene With the Waitress

While he may have named his production company after two of his other movies, his film, Big Daddy, would change the course of Adam Sandler's life forever. The actor played the role of Sandy Koufax, a lazy law school graduate who takes care of a young boy to win his girlfriend back. 

Adam Sandler Big DaddyAdam Sandler Big Daddy
@adamsandler via Instagram

A young actress, Jacqueline Titone, played a waitress at a local sports bar in the movie. She only had a few lines, but she made quite an impact on Sandler. The two started dating each other after that film. So, who was this young actress who stole the comedian's heart?

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Meet Jackie

Jacqueline Titone, best known as Jackie, was born in Coral Springs, Florida. She always had a love for performing. Titone was involved as a dancer and a cheerleader while growing up in Florida. She decided that she was going to take that passion and reach for the stars.

Jacqueline Titone Sandler familyJacqueline Titone Sandler family
@adamsandler via Instagram

Jackie first started working as a model before she made her way into acting. She landed her first role in Rob Schneider's film, Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo. She played the role of Sally in this hilarious movie. Fun fact: This movie is the first movie that Happy Madison Productions produced. 

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Getting Down on One Knee

After a few years of dating, Adam was ready to pop the big question. He told ABC, "I played basketball that afternoon, trying to calm down, and then I was driving, I was saying stuff out loud and trying to, you know, make sure I hit all of the right things so she would remember nice stuff, and I did all right."

Adam Sandler Jackie WifeAdam Sandler Jackie Wife
@adamsandler via Instagram

Whatever he did, he did it right because Jackie said yes. Sandler continued to recall, "She called her grandmother right after, and her mother, and they all said, yeah, I heard the applause over the phone and stuff." Not only that, but Jackie also converted to Judaism.

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A Beautiful Ceremony

The pair officially tied the knot on June 22, 2023. They said, "I do" at Dick Clark's oceanfront Malibu estate. Over 400 of their closest family and friends celebrated the big day with them. Some celebrities present at the event included Jennifer Aniston, Rob Schneider, Sharon Osbourne, and Rodney Dangerfield.

Adam Jackie Sandler WeddingAdam Jackie Sandler Wedding
Nick Goossen/ via Getty Images

There was another major celebrity who walked down the aisle. Adam's bulldog, Meatball, served as his best man, and wore a black tuxedo and a yarmulke for the event. The newlywed's adventures in life were just getting started - so what was next for these lovebirds?

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More Serious Roles

Around the same time as his engagement and wedding, Sandler took another new direction in life. He starred in the Paul Thomas Anderson film Punch-Drunk Love. The acclaimed director and writer wrote the starring role for the movie with Sandler in mind. It marked Sandler's departure into more serious acting roles.

Punch Drunk Love CannesPunch Drunk Love Cannes
Tonni Anne Barson Archive/Contributor via Getty Images

The actor's performance became a standout; it wasn't long before Sandler was nominated for a Golden Globe. Although he didn't win, a new era was shining in for the comedic actor. A few years later, he was cast in Mike Binder's Reign Over Me. But there was another, more serious role on the horizon at the same time...

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Becoming Parents

In May 2006, Jackie and Adam became parents for the first time. Jackie gave birth to a baby girl, who they named Sadie. Sandler posted on his website that he had at the time, "Kid is healthy! Wife is healthy!!" Despite acting with some of Hollywood's greatest and funniest, this was the most important role of his life.

Jackie Adam Sadie SandlerJackie Adam Sadie Sandler
Jeff Vespa/Contributor via Getty Images

Sandler told Access Hollywood, "...I had a chemical reaction in my body, where I loved the kid so much, and I was so nervous for her, and that's when I lost my mind for the kid." Aww! He also split the parenting duties with Jackie. He continued, "I get up with the wife while she's doing the stuff. Try to help her."

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Another One

When Jackie found out she was pregnant again, she enlisted the help of her toddler, Sadie. When Adam came home, Jackie told him that Sadie had a gift for him. Sandler recalled the story on Live with Regis and Kelly in 2008, "And then Sadie hands me a little something..." When he opened it up, it was a pregnancy test. 

Sandler Family Daughters ComedySandler Family Daughters Comedy
James Devaney/Contributor via Getty Images

Two years after Sadie was born, the Sandlers welcomed another little girl. They named their second daughter Sunny Madeline. Adam shared the update on his website at the time and wrote, "Everyone is happy and healthy," and his newest family member was "beautiful." Adam officially cemented his place as a girl dad.

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There's No Jealousy

Throughout his career, Adam Sandler has been starring alongside some of Hollywood's most beautiful and beloved leading ladies. But how does Jackie feel about her husband kissing Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Aniston? Sandler spilled the beans to Ellen DeGeneres in 2014.

Drew Barrymore Sandler EllenDrew Barrymore Sandler Ellen
TheEllenShow via YouTube

"There's no jealousy at all, she's just like, 'Get in there,'" he revealed. His Blended costar Drew Barrymore joined in, "She does! Like if you're not being romantic enough, she will, like, berate you behind the camera." Later in the interview, Barrymore said, "His wife Jackie's amazing." 

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Besties With Aniston

Over the years, Jackie has become extra tight with Sandler's costars, especially with Jennifer Aniston. They have starred in Just Go with It and Murder Mystery and its sequel together. Jackie also encourages her husband to do better in the kissing department during his scenes with her bestie.  

Adam Sandler Jennifer AnistonAdam Sandler Jennifer Aniston
@adamsandler via Instagram

Sandler told Access Hollywood, "Jennifer is one of my closest friends and Jackie's closest friends. So, she's like, 'Would you give Jennifer some sort of good time with that kiss please?'" Aniston has talked about how close she is with the family and revealed they send her a bouquet every Mother's Day. 

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They Love Being Together

Can this couple do no wrong? In addition to being great parents and thoughtful friends, Jackie and Adam are role models for relationships. They love being there for each other. Some of their favorite activities to do just involve spending time with the other. They make it look so easy to do.

Jackie Sandler Hollywood CoupleJackie Sandler Hollywood Couple
@adamsandler via Instagram

Sandler told Closer Weekly the secret to their success is "just getting time together. Making sure that you don't run off too long and hanging out together and telling the truth and that kind of thing's good." Whatever they are doing seems to be working out swimmingly for them. 

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By His Side

Jackie and Adam have been by each other's sides through thick and thin, whether at movie premiers or helping the other recover after surgery. In 2022, the Mr. Deeds actor had to undergo hip surgery, but he had his wife and daughters to help him get through the recovery process. 

Adam Jackie Sandler relationshipAdam Jackie Sandler relationship
Bruce Glikas/Contributor via Getty Images

He said that the women in his family were great at helping him out, especially with tying his shoes. He told PageSix, "They were nice about it. I screamed a lot then calmed down and ate some food." Sandler walked around with a cane for some time during his recovery. 

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A Big Year for Adam

2019 marked a big year for the Grown Ups actor. After being fired decades ago, he made his return to Saturday Night Live as host. He brought back some of his most beloved characters, like Opera Man. He also sang a tribute to his friend and former castmate, Chris Farley. Sandler received an Emmy nomination for his appearance.

Uncut Gems Adam SandlerUncut Gems Adam Sandler
A24 via YouTube

That year, he also starred in the crime thriller Uncut Gems. Critics were enamored with Sandler's performance. While many believed he was snubbed by the Academy, Sandler did win the Independent Spirit Award for best male lead. There was almost a chance he wasn't going to take the role...

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His Biggest Cheerleader

It was Jackie who motivated her husband to take the role in Uncut Gems. Sandler told Ellen DeGeneres, "I read it and I loved the movie but I was scared to do it. Then I asked Jackie to read it." Jackie told her husband that he had to take the opportunity. "Right when she says I have to do, I'm like, 'Okay!' and I'm in there."

Hollywood Couple Adam SandlerHollywood Couple Adam Sandler
ANGELA WEISS/Contributor via Getty Images

At the National Board of Review Gala, Sandler gave his wife a special shoutout. He said, "My bada** wife, she gave me the balls to take the part. I was scared and she said, 'Go f*** do that and you can do that s***' and we rehearsed together all the time." Jackie is her hubby's biggest cheerleader.

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Girl Dad

Being a girl dad has many perks. There's lots of dress-up, playing pretend, and makeovers. However, one thing any dad has to learn to grapple with is what happens when their daughters start liking boys! Even actors in Hollywood, like Adam Sandler, have to cope with it.

Sadie Sunny Sandler KCASadie Sunny Sandler KCA
Christopher Polk/KCA2016/Contributor via Getty Images

The actor said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, "You know, I drive around with [her and] her friends and I hear them talking about boys now... Now, I get very jumpy. They've got little tiny mustaches and they're all a little tall and their bodies aren't making much sense." 

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Life in Lockdown

Life during the COVID-19 pandemic was quite confusing and, at times, scary. However, this funny couple made the best of their time in lockdown. Sandler appeared as a guest on Conan O'Brien's #ConanAtHome. On the show, he revealed that he and Jackie were adding a bit of spice to their regular routine.

Adam Sandler Jackie WifeAdam Sandler Jackie Wife
Charley Gallay/Stringer via Getty Images

Sandler confided in Conan and the thousands of people tuning in that he and his wife were getting "very experimental." While the details are a bit TMI, this couple proves that even after decades as a couple and being parents, there are still ways to keep the romance and passion alive and thriving.

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22 Years

During 2020, the couple celebrated 22 years of knowing each other and being together. That's a whole lot of time to spend with another person, and Jackie and Adam are spending their time well. Sandler wrote a special tribute to his wife on Instagram to celebrate this anniversary.

Jackie Adam Sandler relationshipJackie Adam Sandler relationship
@adamsandler via Instagram

He wrote, "22 years ago today we locked eyes and fell deep. Look forward to the next 22, young lady. Love you my forever girl." The actor posted two photos of the couple. One featured the two smiling and seemed to be taken on a disposable camera, while the other was taken in a photo booth and had a few goofy photos.

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A Fresh Star

The comedian is also a businessman and made an epic deal to have the streaming platform Netflix produce his movies. In the years since striking the deal, Sandler has gone on to make some of Netflix's biggest hits. Some projects include The Ridiculous 6, Sandy Wexler, Hubie Halloween, and Murder Mystery.

Netflix comedy Adam SandlerNetflix comedy Adam Sandler
Netflix via YouTube

Sandler returned to his roots as a stand-up comedian and made his first stand-up special in over two decades for the streaming platform. 100% Fresh was filled with songs and hilarity, just like any other Sandler film. The actor also became a style icon for his wardrobe full of oversized tees, basketball shorts, and sneakers. 

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'Father of the Year'

For his many years of contribution to filmmaking, Sandler was awarded the Film Tribute Award at the 2022 Gotham Awards. Sandler had a special surprise for the audience. His daughters, Sadie and Sunny, wrote his acceptance speech and made him say it "in that goofy Southern accent that you do all your dumb speeches in."

Gotham Awards Adam SandlerGotham Awards Adam Sandler
Variety via YouTube

Sandler read his girls' speech, which was filled with hilarious jabs at their father's expense. They wrote, "It means a lot to him seeing how most of the awards on his trophy shelf are shaped like popcorn buckets, blimps or fake mini Oscars that say 'Father of the Year,' which he sadly purchased himself…"

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So Much Love

Sandler took to Instagram again to show his love for his wife. He posted a photograph from his wedding to Jackie, throwing it way back for their 20th wedding anniversary. He wrote to his wife of two decades, "Happy 20th my sweet Jackie! Your 'I do' was the best gift of my life."

Adam Jackie Sandler throwbackAdam Jackie Sandler throwback
Denise Truscello/Contributor via Getty Images

He continued, "My heart has been yours since the first second I saw you and I love and appreciate your devoted soul more and more each day. Us. The Kids. Lets keep going and going babe. Lots of love to give you. Always." Sandler's longtime friend and collaborator commented, "I love you both so much!"

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A Special Appearance

Adam isn't the only one with acting chops in his family. Although Jackie didn't pursue a full-fledged acting career, she's made several appearances in films and television shows throughout the years. She has played minor roles in many of her husband's films, like Grown Ups and Eight Crazy Nights.

Jackie Sandler Netflix MovieJackie Sandler Netflix Movie
Netflix via YouTube

She's also been on the silver screen, appearing on sitcoms like Rules of Engagement, The Goldbergs, and The King of Queens. Jackie's love for performing has never wavered. Even if she doesn't have a speaking role, she tends to appear in the background of her husband's movies. 

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Don't Forget the Girls

Jackie isn't the only one who is getting screen time. Since they were young, Adam and Jackie's daughters have been showing up in his movies. His daughter, Sadie, was only a toddler when her dad shot Don't Mess with the Zohan, but she appeared in the background of a scene as her mom held her.

Hubie Halloween Sunny SadieHubie Halloween Sunny Sadie
Netflix via YouTube

Sadie and Sunny appeared alongside their mom in Grown Ups a few years later. This started a long tradition of the Sandler daughters appearing in their dad's movies. They voiced roles in Hotel Transylvania, played sisters in Hubie Halloween, and starred in Home Team, which their dad produced. 

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A Family Affair

Now, the entire Sandler gang has banded together for a feature film. All four family members are involved in the Netflix movie You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah. The youngest, Sunny, plays the movie's leading role. She portrays Stacy Friedman, a 13-year-old navigating middle school and preparing for her bat mitzvah.

Bat Mitzvah Sunny SandlerBat Mitzvah Sunny Sandler
Netflix via YouTube

Sunny's real-life sister, Sadie, and father portray her real-life family members. Frozen actress Idina Menzel takes on the role of Sunny's movie mom, while her actual mom, Jackie, plays another mom in the movie. The whole family took part in this movie, which has become a hit since its release. 

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In Real Life

Sunny had first-hand experience before she played her role as Stacy Friedman. The film's director told People, "What's really funny is right before we started prepping for the film, Sunny had her actual bat mitzvah." The event was a celebrity-studded affair, just like her sister's party.

Adam Sunny Sandler actingAdam Sunny Sandler acting
Allen Berezovsky/Contributor via Getty Images

Sandler texted Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine for a favor for Sadie's bat mitzvah. The singer came to the party to sing a few songs. For Sunny's bat mitzvah, the party had performances from Halsey and Charlie Puth. Both girls had epic parties to celebrate this rite of passage.

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Nepo Babies

Even though Adam's daughters have been appearing in his films since they were little, many have called out the choice to cast them in his latest Netflix film, You're So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah. The film's director, Sammi Cohen, stepped in for the "nepo babies" debate. 

Sandler Family Netflix MovieSandler Family Netflix Movie
Marc Piasecki/Contributor via Getty Images

She told The Hollywood Reporter, "Sandler has a reputation for making movies with his friends, and that's something we all want to do. What I say is, he's still making movies with his friends, but they're his kids. He is the kind of dad who's also your best friend." 

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A Few Words From Jackie

Adam received one of the highest honors in comedy in 2023. He was bestowed with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. The award has gone to comedic legends like Richard Pryor, Carl Reiner, and Carol Burnett. As he received this incredible honor, his friends had wonderful and hilarious things to say about him.

Jackie Adam Sandler awardsJackie Adam Sandler awards
Paul Morigi/Stringer via Getty Images

Jackie also spoke to honor her husband. She told the audience, "And, yes, he's just as funny in real life as he is in the movies." She joked about how he was as good in bed as everyone imagined, and she ended her speech with, "Family comes first, that's definitely our way."

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An Animated Adventure

It doesn't stop there for the Sandler family. They are again banding together to act in the upcoming animated film Leo. Sandler voices the role of Leo, a 74-year-old lizard who has spent his whole life as a class pet. He plans to escape when he realizes he only has one year left to live, but things go awry for the lizard. 

Sunny Sandler Hollywood CoupleSunny Sandler Hollywood Couple
Matt Winkelmeyer/Staff via Getty Images

Jackie, Sadie, and Sunny will also voice roles in the animated musical feature. Based on the success of You're So Not Invited, it only makes sense that the family is working together once more. Hopefully, this won't be the last time that audiences get to enjoy the Sandler family in a movie. 

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A Love Like Theirs

Jackie and Adam's love is one of a kind. They have been together for over two decades, and their dedication to the other has never wavered. They have been through life's ups and downs together. From working together on set to raising two daughters, they have tackled it all.

Sandler Love Story HollywoodSandler Love Story Hollywood
Anadolu Agency/Contributor via Getty Images

They really are #couplegoals. During an interview with AARP The Magazine, Sandler said about his relationship with Jackie, "We try to make each other laugh, try to listen, try to include each other, try to support each other. We try our best — that's all."

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